3 Stout Ebony Wood Tribal Art Masks

• African Tribal Trade Masks, 3 Stout Ebony Wood Carvings Atq/Vtg
• African Tribal Trade Masks, 3 Stout Ebony Wood Carvings Atq/Vtg
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• African Tribal Trade Masks, 3 Stout Ebony Wood Carvings Atq/Vtg
These are from a collection that included objects dating back to the 1700s. Similar to what is seen from the early to mid 1900s, the set of 3 Tribal Trade Masks are of a quality found in antiquities and their condition and appearance of a much earlier past.

The Masks show crude hand tooling marks to the back areas from a broad cutting tool, not widely in practice today and are of a larger African Blackwood tree stock, also not common. Most such sized trees has been reduced due to over-harvesting of this valuable and rare wood. The overall thicknesses are crude, weights very heavy and likely they were sold as trade mask for their art appeal to travelers and explorers of the historic past.

When modern society was lost in the '50s, Africa was still in many areas steeped in cultures that were thought primitive. Even in trading till later years, many ancient or later produced masks were being sold to visitors wanting them to show their excursions to this Countries lands. With this in mind one has to assume that at some point in Africa’s now popular trading of Art Masks, that there was a beginning and an ending to the more traditional mask. These might well be in this category.

Many mask made today are narrower in width, should an exotic wood be used. Or other wood that’s stained black to make it appear as Blackwood, such as Ironwood or Ivory Coast Mahogany, etc. Though even Blackwood isn’t always entirely of a dark rich color many seek. It does retain the ability to last for centuries, even a millennium in time possibly unchanged in appearance.

African Blackwood is one of the World’s hardest and densest of woods. If harvested in its native (bush) surroundings and carved without properly curing it will warp, even crack. This is avoided by applications of moisture being applied to its surface, while allowing the center of the wood to thoroughly dry; from inside out after harvesting. Given the condition of the Mask, especially the Elephant Mask this wasn’t done. So I assume somewhere in its past, after having been purchased, an attempt was made to correct this problem. Though once having happen it will never change and will hold this reminder for a very long time. To note that if properly cured Blackwood unlike any other wood is said to be impervious to warping.

Mask 1: African Maasai Warrior design.

Mask 2: Elephant mask

Mask 3: currently updating



Product Quantity: Only 1 set in stock. Set includes 3 African Tribal Arty Masks.

Condition: Very good for age. The Elephant mask has occurred breakage, appearing at sometime in the last century to have an attempted repair. Suggestion this is left alone unless done by those which are qualified to determine if necessary. The Maasai Mask has warped some ... currently building

Country: Likely in the central region of Africa though unknown.


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