Ando Hiroshige Asian Triptych

• Painting Ando Hiroshige Triptych
• Painting Ando Hiroshige Triptych
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• Painting Ando Hiroshige Triptych
An overwhelmingly beautiful Japanese hand blocked painted gold-leaf triptych. These 3 original panel paintings on rice paper are set free floating in a sealed museum quality frame and stamped.

Acquired in mid-1980 in Beijing, China it was stated to depict an old folk tale,” The Windy Village.” Bringing together Ando Hiroshige’s past characters (artist himself is portrayed in top center as he appeared in the 1850’s) into a blending of simplistic scenery and stimulating excellence for its once original owner.

The estate of two known Chinese Medical Practitioners, a married couple held this work of art and in times it made its way to a distinguished antiquity dealer in Beijing and from there it came to America.

This sturdy framed triptych is so perfect in displaying Hiroshige’s prior works one can come to believe it to be commissioned by the wealthy Buddhist Priest (married to Hiroshige’s daughter) though the lower stamp reflects a Chinese figure*. Who and maybe never have displayed it outside but a small circle.

*Hiroshige’s association to previous works regarding his Japanese and Chinese Series from the 1840’s and the interest from others.

Purchase in entirety in Beijing with reputable parties, the fact of a signed signature in English on the last bottom right panel makes for puzzlement, to who this signature represents. It is known that the 1850’s were rippling in westernized furor, so then could the possibility this signature be of Hiroshige’s attempt or someone very close or later in time?

In my opinion there would be no better of an example of paying tribute to Ando Hiroshige, the artist then this superb Masterpiece.


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Country: China / Japan…

Size: W: 6’ 6.0” x H: 3’ 10.0” x Depth: 2.0”

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