Black on Black "Black Sable" Bud Pot Vases

 Black on Black 2 --Black Sable-- Bud/ Pot Vases ~H:8x5" 1980s Vtg
Black on Black 2 --Black Sable-- Bud/ Pot Vases ~H:8x5" 1980s Vtg
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 Black on Black 2 --Black Sable-- Bud/ Pot Vases ~H:8x5" 1980s Vtg
A striking contrast in such visual displays of simple yet defined colors form this unique styling of pottery. The artistry created with simple methods given by applying glaze and wax, allows for forming patterns truly of itself in spirit. Added to by local earthen clay enriched and embodied by smoldering fires, embolden an even darker coloring.

These two vases were a part of George and Georgene Garrett's (of Arizona) line of Black on Black pottery called 'Black Sable' and dates back to the later 1980s. They are suitably paired with one another, which only add to their appearance when observed together. Both vases are signed on bottom of bases with GG and dated; pot vase 1987 and bud vase with 1988.

Neither George nor Georgene Garrett is of Tribal Native American heritage. But their love for this art form and the native people that created such, blended well in their desires for following such artistry.

Dated: 1987 & 1988


Product Quantity: Only 1 set in stock. Set includes 2 Vases.

Country: USA

Condition: Very Good!

Size: Large Pot Vase is H: 6.0 x W: 4.5 <-> Small Bud Vase is H: 7.5 x W: 3.0

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