Sitting Male Dalmatian Sculpture

• Dalmatian (male) Sitting Ceramic Figure Signed ~H:12x11" 2lbs Vtg
• Dalmatian (male) Sitting Ceramic Figure Signed ~H:12x11" 2lbs Vtg
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Product Description

• Dalmatian (male) Sitting Ceramic Figure Signed ~H:12x11" 2lbs Vtg
This artisan’s hand painted Dalmatian was created with character of a breed that resembles pre-1950s art.

Uniquely uncommon this nearly 12 inch tall Dalmatian is sign on the bottom lower left leg by the artist. Not known is whether this is the creator of the art form, painter or both. It also had a label but only the outline shows, see photos.

What’s viewed?

The tail is free from the cast showing uniqueness in design and too the artistry is daring to what few would attempt. No sitting Dalmatian figurine found of same or greater size when researched had a freely set tail, other than from California Hagen Renaker Pottery, Italy’s TAFF Co., or currently produced from Japan. With the last two mention setting their tails to the right side of the figure.

Also similarities to Beswick Royal Doulton, in how they had the tail in their Dalmatian figure set. This being in the same left side and partially free from the cast, other than the tip of the tail.

Similar Italian porcelain style art viewed is also exact to how the base holes are fashioned in the bottom of both front feet, as too the bottom rear. This being the only Country (TAFF Co.) seen that duplicated this style on the Dalmatian they offered.

The Eyes shared characteristics are few but have been found on other Dalmatians and can also give an idea to where possibly made, though this hasn’t been thoroughly done. Italy again in limited searches showed near exact colors.

I keep thinking the USA, but with so many similarities to Italy's ceramic porcelain style work, I slant towards Europe. Circa 1960s


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Country: Italy or USA, otherwise unknown.

Size: approx. H: 11.5" x L: 10.5" x W: 6.0"

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…adds, I know little of this item’s history and I’m making conjectures here, as I always will attempt to discuss what I see.

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