Sculpture of Couple with Child

• Abstract Family of 3 Art Sculpture ~H:19x7", '80s Vtg
• Abstract Family of 3 Art Sculpture ~H:19x7", '80s Vtg
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• Abstract Family of 3 Art Sculpture ~H:19x7", '80s Vtg
Enriched art form of Couple with Child that gifts the internal love found in Family. The artist hand finishes from a resin cast this unique and truly beautiful vision, imparting upon the viewer its power of design.

This sculpture is not perfect as the artist intended the roughness of a worldly creation portrayed, though the form is flawless in its conclusion to idea.


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Condition: Very good, similar to when new but of vintage and age.

Country: Mexico & or USA likely but unknown.

Size: approx. H: 19.5” at base is: L: 7.0” x W: 5.5”

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