Wood Sculpted Glass Eyed Painted Bird

• Hand Carved Wood Glass Eyed Painted Bird ~H:3x6" Vtg
• Hand Carved Wood Glass Eyed Painted Bird ~H:3x6" Vtg
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Product Description

• Hand Carved Wood Glass Eyed Painted Bird ~H:3x6" Vtg

A smart full and beautifully hand sculpted wooden bird. With its gazing and sparkling red amber colored glass eyes (black pupil formed inside) can give new ideas in use.

I suspect the carving is made from a wood similar to Tillia Americana or basswood as it’s commonly referred to as, but could be of another like hardwood.


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Condition: Very Good, has a very minor chip spot on left side of tail, nearly unnoticeable. Wood, as any benefits from pure mineral oil, which can help protect it from stress cracks over time, see photos.

Country: Acquired in the Inland Pacific Northwest.

Size: Bird: H: 2.75” x L: 6.0” x W: 1-5/8”

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