Small Ironwood Bird Carving

• Bird Figurine of Carved Ironwood, Small ~H:6x2" Vtg
• Bird Figurine of Carved Ironwood, Small ~H:6x2" Vtg
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Product Description

• Bird Figurine of Carved Ironwood, Small ~H:6x2" Vtg
A Sculpted Bird Figure similar to a Heron nestles upon its perched mount.

The work is of quality and is further enhanced by the beauty of the wood’s rich grain.


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Condition: Very Good! A small and unnoticeable chip is viewed behind the wooden plume on the head. It is unknown but very likely done at the time of having been carved. As with any seen flaw even in a primitive such as this it will be discussed.

Country: USA or Mexico though unknown.

Size: approx. H: 6.0” x W: 1.25” x Depth: 2.0”

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