Brass Monkey Facing the Looking Glass It’s Holding

• Brass Monkey Facing the Looking Glass ~H:2x4” Vtg
• Brass Monkey Facing the Looking Glass ~H:2x4” Vtg
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• Brass Monkey Facing the Looking Glass ~H:2x4” Vtg
A small solid brass Monkey holding a Mirror in hand at arm’s reach, with gapping mouth held wide whilst admiring its rugged primitive looks.

Being of a brass cast no two are identical, so with each having its own personality I’m sure allot of monkey-ing around (monkey see monkey do) comes into play when two are together...

1980s Brass Art


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Condition: Very Good! This has been given a coating of a museum sold grade wax, similar to Renaissance Wax and wiped, but not polished. It ensures integrity and stability to current aging prior to sale.

Country: Asia likely but unknown.

Size: approx. H: 2.25” x W: 2.75” x Depth: 4.25”, from mirror to tail.

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