Chinese 1870s-1880s Opiate Vials/ Bottles, Lot of 3

• Chinese 1870s-1880s Opium Vials/ Bottles, Lot of 3 - Atq
• Chinese 1870s-1880s Opium Vials/ Bottles, Lot of 3 - Atq
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• Chinese 1870s-1880s Opium Vials/ Bottles, Lot of 3 - Atq
They are rare in finding and if a collector you’ll not have to worry about owning too many, since scarce.

Recovered in Central Washington State, dry rocky soil digs in the 1970s-80s, following the historic Northern Pacific Railroad encampments of Chinese labor forces during the 1870s. These 3 snap top opiate vials are a perfect add to one’s collection.

Made at a time the US was supplying its battleships to escort British flagged vessels laden with them to East Asia. Where China’s population over a century past was addicted to the little bottle’s content of opium. Returning ships would then head west across the Pacific to the States, carrying Chinese laborers, with their opiate bottles close at hand. Low paid workers much needed in the US at the time for the Government’s railroad system. But this cheap labor and trade in opiates also reached deep into America’s heartland, thanks to Britain’s insatiable lust for riches. This went on for over a century; China - British 2 Opium Wars (1839–1842 & 1856–1860) and ended around the 1920s. With British influence waning in India (large marketers of the drug) the Indian Leaders stopped the exporting of poppy produced opium; they oversaw in cultivating for Europe’s elite. Thus freeing China from drug slavery, and relief in its enormous loss of wealth in gold, silver, its people, to the British Crown’s dubious drug trade, they themselves fell to. Good read is Wikipedia, History of opium in China.

Allot of history packed into one tiny bottle and likely no other has ever come close to its global use and notoriety.


Product Quantity: Only 1 set in stock. Set includes 3 small Asian Medicine bottles.

Condition: Very Good! One had been acquired with a repaired top that apparently was recovered and reattached These likely were used by Chinese working in central Washington on the railroad in the 1870’s. Most would have had their tops snapped off and the contents quickly dug out; finding them with an attached neck meant someone was being above norm in handling. They too are not cleaned or polished and with a film on one side, the other side mostly without. It easily would be possible to set them to a shiny polished look, but recommended against, since artifacts are best left in their natural state.

Country: of Chinese or E. Asia labor forces, recovered in USA

Size: approx. greatest sized H: 2-3/8” x L: 0.5” x W: 0.5”

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