Brass Penguin Sculpture

 Brass Penguin Sculpture, Large ~H:11x8" 3lbs Vtg
Brass Penguin Sculpture, Large ~H:11x8" 3lbs Vtg
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Product Description

 Brass Penguin Sculpture, Large ~H:11x8" 3lbs Vtg
A large brass Penguin Sculpture

Circa: 1970s-'80s



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Condition: Very Good! A light patina exists showing a deep darker (added to by tarnish green) and muted (no longer a vivid brass) gold color. The brass sculpture has been given to a coat of museum grade metal wax, this to preserve till sale its current state.

Country: Made in Korea

Size: approx. H: 10.5" x W: 5.75" x Depth: 8.0"

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