Podmore Flow Black Mulberry Corean Pitcher #8

• Podmore P.W. & CO. Flow Black Mulberry Corean Pitcher #8 ~H:6x4" Atq
• Podmore P.W. & CO. Flow Black Mulberry Corean Pitcher #8 ~H:6x4" Atq
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• Podmore P.W. & CO. Flow Black Mulberry Corean Pitcher #8 ~H:6x4" Atq
Such a beauty has lasted nearly 2 centuries and still capable of holding one’s eyes affixed; seeing if the flow black Ironstone Pitcher truly is the real thing. It would be suggested placing where it can be seen, but protected from undo environmental stress.

A remarkable slice of history to have endured so long while being cherished and well kept.

Stamped: Stone Ware P.W. & CO. Circle with '8' inside. Circa: 1834-1840s.


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Condition: Very good for being give or take 178 years. No visible chips, cracks or repairs, time has affected color since only a small fraction of the true white stoneware remains. Crazing isn’t as apparent on the outside of the pitcher and shows most in the inside. Under a magnifying glass the crazing on the outside is still very light and shows as a matrix of something similar to black fabric lint. The aging matrix even enhances the decorative Pitcher, giving it further appeal.

Country: England, likely Tunstall.

Size: approx. H: 5.75" x Dia: 4.0" @ base and 5.25" from spout to handle end.

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