Mexico Art Pottery Bird

• Mexican Art Pottery Bird ~H:5x7” Vtg
• Mexican Art Pottery Bird ~H:5x7” Vtg
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• Mexican Art Pottery Bird ~H:5x7” Vtg
This skillfully created Pottery Bird from the 1960s-‘70s, shows amble abundance in the soft earthy tones employed by the artist.

It has character from the years in service and having been formed in low fired temperatures the pottery and paint is expected to be fairly fragile. Cleaning should be done with a clean dry cloth and if needed one dampened with water. Luckily this pottery bird has endured quite well and should for many years to come.

An Art Trade fall Few Notice

Many artisans have left Mexico’s once busy ceramics trade. Though what remains is more streamlined, in its collapse many older pottery styles are no longer supported. Yet in America we seem to believe Mexico is still abundantly producing them, they’re not. With now only an estimated 50,000 artisans left out of 1.5 million back in 1994, there’s a bit of a void.* Most vintage pottery made from Mexico is in a decline and will only become scarce and rare, an artifact of the past, which will only add greater importance to what remains.

*"In 1994, there were just over 1.5 million ceramic artisans in the country, which dropped to 50,000 by 2006."


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Condition: Very good, some minor paint wear not easily viewed which doesn’t depart from the appearance, but rather adds to this beautiful pottery piece.

Country: Mexico

Size: approx. H: 5.25” x L: 7.25” x W: 3.5”

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