Bronze Roadrunner Utah State Souvenir

 Brass Mix Roadrunner Utah State Souvenir ~H:2x5" 1981
Brass Mix Roadrunner Utah State Souvenir ~H:2x5" 1981
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Product Description

 Brass Mix Roadrunner Utah State Souvenir ~H:2x5" 1981
A brass Roadrunner with legs stretch far apart, its clawed toes reaching for the next step to take hold and set upon a grass patterned oval pedestal base.

A Utah State plaque is placed at the base of the Roadrunner and has a felt pad on its underside ... possibly from the 4-corners region.

On the bottom is a date the previous owner had possibly written, 1981. The metal is of a brass mix similar to bronze.


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Condition: Very Good! It possibly could be polished and with such a light patina would allow the brass roadrunner to look as it did when new. A light cloth cleaning performed.

Country: Japan

Size: approx. H: 2-3/8 x L: 4.75 x W: 1.5

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