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• Viking / Murano Style Glass Art Pitcher ~H:11x5" Atq/Vtg
• Viking / Murano Style Glass Art Pitcher ~H:11x5" Atq/Vtg
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Product Description

• Viking / Murano Style Glass Art Pitcher ~H:11x5" Atq/Vtg
The Viking / Murano style of forming is stunning in this one of a kind Art Vase Pitcher.

For the pitcher body the artist formed upwards rounded ridges of wedged reds, giving the clear glass shape 4 draped recessed teardrop patterns around its circular girth, a path to flow down from. This then finalizing at its base to yellowish red, tinged in green.

The adding of the upward drawn spouted lip and fragile downward folded handle in redden colored glass, tipped and edged with the clear, truly defines the artist vision in their creation.

The pitcher may look light but is stout for its size. Circa: mid-century to earlier.

…but a flaw was formed by the artist that maybe the new owner was unaware of, or those that marveled at the beauty when originally crafted didn’t understand. That this was a vase and also an art formed pitcher that was not meant to handle, but hold as a vase would be. So the handle had separated at its base attach point, fracturing a flake of glass from the surface, where it was weakly attached.

-It does not distract from the otherwise flawless beauty and its new owner most probably placed this work of art in a protective location, where it stayed for decades till now. The area where the injury to the glass occurred is nearly unnoticeable when viewing, but there.


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Condition: Very good other than described and if one in time is needed a flawless repair could be performed by the right craftsman. But if not, setting this to be seen would make anyone viewing it give pause. But always caution should be addressed when handling. Underneath the base does show use from sitting, having been imprinted from its own weight in time, where-as the entirety of the glass shows no aging and has been kept blemish free. Sold as-is.

Country: USA likely but unknown.

Size: approx. H: 11.0" x Dia: 5.0", 6.0" at widest point from in front of spout to handle.

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