Africa Painted Warrior Mask

 East Africa Painted Maasai Warrior Mask, Kenya - Large ~H:19x5" Vtg
East Africa Painted Maasai Warrior Mask, Kenya - Large ~H:19x5" Vtg
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 East Africa Painted Maasai Warrior Mask, Kenya - Large ~H:19x5" Vtg
This African Maasai Warrior Mask's design, as with choice of wood and coinciding color is of quality, likely created by an artist whose skills were seasoned with dedication to traditional arts. The Mask has two opposing tribesman facing one another and are adorned with beads. Also a painted Zebra, Giraffe and spotted Leopard appear on the left side.

There is a No. 1842 written in on the top upper backside of the mask. At its top, a wire loop has been set to allow displaying.

The exotic wood looks to be of African Blackwood, with differing tones of light to dark dividing the mask. This is true Rosewood appeal, with its dark brown to creamy white color, stout weight and strength; makes for a good and unique wood in creating such a form.

Not all Blackwood is of a rich deep dark color, it is a rare wood species that tops the list in scarcity. If properly seasoned it's one of the only woods impervious to splitting. Left unseasoned (as what's found in the bush and carved) it will be prone to split in time.

This was a part of a collection (see "East Africa Painted Maasai Warrior Mask" ID# ending with 3979) that spanned from Kenya to Ghana.


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Country: Kenya

Size: approx. H: 19.0 x Depth: 2.5 x W: 5.0

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