Auto / Salvage Depot - Also ✓ 'Local Pickup'

Items sold in this Store sale are from the acquisition of a Towing and Salvage yard. The business acquired began operating in the early 1960s to the beginning of 2000, finalizing its previous owner's operation in 2019. Before creating this opening 3 AMC AMX hardtops were removed, so what's left should be interesting. Tons of Engines, etc., your imagination in parts…

Lists (partial) below is for Store’s use only in building, dates and info is currently being updated. Date 2023-04-04 ____________ YouTube link ____________ _____________ _____________ ____________ *Located in the Pacific Inland Northwest, right off of I-90*

2t=2tone • n=no / y=yes • [$qty=1|~info|~part|~salvage|~crush] -> [$qty=1|~ifo|~prt|~sav|~csh] See 'List.'

☚ List
- Auto / Salvage
• Volkswagen 3 Wheeled Motorcycle
Volkswagen Trike
• Engine - Chevy 441 Heads
Engine - Chevy 441 Heads
• Javelin
• Barrel - Iron Ringed Banded Metal Fuel Oil (~110gal) Early 1900s Vtg
Banded Fuel Barrel ~110gal 1900s
• Barrel - Metal Riveted Handled Drum (~25gal) Early 1900s
Riveted Handled Drum ~25gal 1900s
• 100lb Metal Lead Bars (~pig)
100lb Lead Bars
• Hobart Portable Trailered Welder / Generator
Hobart Welder/ Generator Trailer Mounted
• Boiler - West Coast, The Steel Tank & Pipe Co. of Oregon, Boiler Mfgr’s Atq
West Coast Wood Boiler Atq
• Subaru SVX
Subaru SVX
• Rambler Super Wagon
Rambler Super Wagon
• Custom 5th Wheel Tri-Axle Trailer
Custom 5th Wheel Tri-Axle Trailer
AMC Ambassador DPL Diplomat Coupe Hardtop M-6689-7 (wht) 1966 [$qty=1 |vin: A6KC97P105510 |~prt |~sav |n csh]

AMC Javelin (SST) 2-dr Hardtop (red) 1972 [$qty=1 |vin: A2C797N104370, body:(0),pl-lr.(3a-?") |~prt |~sav |n csh]

AMC Javelin 990 Series Coupe 2-Dr Hardtop #1 (blu) 1968 [$qty=1 |vin: A8A795B246165, body:(0), chassis w/engine(straight 6),glass,console,F.bumper > removed:doors,hood,trunk lid (~held) |y prt |~sav |n csh]

AMC Javelin 990 Series Coupe 2-dr Hardtop #2 (blu) 1968 [$qty=1 |vin: A8S795M245013, body:(0),pl-rf.(1), chassis w/glass,taillight assembly,bumpers > removed:engine,doors,hood,trunk lid (held) |y prt |~sav |n csh]

AMC Matador Coupe 2-dr M-7416-9 (drk) 1973 (’74) [$qty=1 |vin: A4A169N181545 |~prt |y sav |n csh] -SE

BMW 530i 4-dr Sedan (red) 1977 [$qty=1 |vin: 5072663 |~prt |y sav |n csh]

Buick GMC Skylark 2-dr Coupe H-top S-644337 (brn) 1964 [$qty=1 |vin:~ifo |y prt |~ sav |~ csh] -NWcf

Bus #1 Ford Superior Coach M-591089 (wht) 1959 [$qty=1 |vin: Serial No. B60D9U28367 |~prt |~sav |~csh] -SWf

Bus #2 Chevy C60 Wayne Coach (wht-ylw) ~1966 [$qty=1 |vin: Wayne Serial: 318781, ~ifo |~prt |~sav |~csh] -SWf

Bus #3 GMC 4000 Trk Superior Coach M-621099 (ylw) ~1964 [$qty=1 |vin: Serial No. SV4019 J2176F, ~ifo |~prt |~sav |~csh] -SWf

Bus #4 Dodge 700 Wayne Coach M-92809 (wht) ~1958 [$qty=1 |vin: Wayne Serial: 304054, ~ifo |~prt |~sav |~csh] -SWf

Bus Dodge B-Series Superior Coach M-4240 (wht) ~1948 [$qty=1 |vin: Body No. 2048 16605, ~ifo, same as Alaskan Museum bus? |~prt |~sav |~csh] -NEf

Bus GMC Trk Coach Chassis w/ Carpenter Body Works Transit (d-blu) 1961 [$qty=1 | vin: Serial No. SPA5019 N2176G, ~ifo, ~runs |~prt |~sav |~csh] -ECf

Cadillac Sedan (slv) ~late ’90s [$qty=1 |vin:~ifo |~prt |n sav |y csh] -WC

Chevy C20 Custom (ylw) ~1971 Tow Truck Wrecker [$qty=1 |vin:~ifo, alpha_yard_trk |~prt |~sav |~csh] -Ef

Chevy C20 Pickup (bluwht) 1966 [$qty=1 |vin: C2546Z131419 |~prt |~sav |~csh] -NWcf

Chevy C30 Cheyenne Cab & ~Chassis (grnblu) 1975 [$qty=1 |vin: CCY335Z112453 |~prt |n sav |y csh] -SW

Chevy C30 Custom 350 V8 1-ton Dual Axle Flatbed (slv) 1969 [$qty=1 |vin: CE339Z874063 |n prt |~sav |n csh] -EC

Chevy C30 Custom Deluxe Dual-Axle Trk (forest grn) 1978 [$qty=1 |vin: CCL338Z120087, runs |n prt |y sav |n csh]

Chevy C60 (red-blk) '63-'66 Tow Truck Wrecker [$qty=1 |vin:~ifo, trk cab ok > no glass |~prt |~sav |~csh] -C

Chevy C1500 ½ ton Pickup 2WD (red) 1988 [$qty=1 |vin: 1GCDC14H6JE173640 |y prt |n sav |y csh] -E

Chevy C2500 Ύ ton Pickup 2WD (drkblu) 1988 [$qty=1 |vin: 1GCFC24K9JE183671 |~prt |~sav |n csh] -S

Chevy Cavalier 2-dr (lgtblu) 1988 [$qty=1 |vin: 1G1JC1116JJ244734 |~prt |n sav |y csh] -S

Chevy Chevette 4-Door Hatchback Sedan (blu) ~1979 [$qty=1 |vin:~ifo |~prt | n sav |y csh] -WC

Chevy GMC 1500 Sierra 2WD Trk (lgtblu) 1977 [$qty=1 |vin: TCL447J507671, motor removed, hood detached ~retained |~prt |~sav |y csh] -SW

Chevy GMC 1500 Sierra 4WD Trk (drkblu) 1975 [$qty=1 |vin: TKY145Z512731, Motor removed, hood detached ~retained |~prt |n sav |y csh] -SW

Chevy GMC C10 Cheyenne Pickup Cab only (blu) 1980 [$qty=1 |vin: TCZ14AZ508265, Cab only |~prt |n sav |y csh] -WC

Chevy K10 ½ ton 4WD Pickup (brn) 1985 [$qty=1 |vin: 1GCEK14H7FS148486 |~prt |n sav |y csh] -SWC

Chevy K10 Custom ½ ton 4WD Trk (wht-brn) 1981 [$qty=1 |vin: 1GCFK14D6BF324962, V8, L. fender panel removed, hood damage |~prt |~sav |~csh] - Wf

Chevy K20 Custom Deluxe Ύ ton Pickup (blu) 1983 [$qty=1 |vin: 1GCGK24M7DJ116748, no motor, Hood & R. door removed |~prt |~sav |~csh] -Wf

Chevy K30 GMC 4WD Century Wrecker Corp (red&blk) 1980 Tow Truck [$qty=1 |vin: CKM33A1141790, runs |n prt |y sav |n csh]

Chevy Pickup -Cab & Frame (rst) ~1935 [$qty=1 |vin:~ifo additional parts |~prt |~sav |n csh] -NWcf

Chevy Pickup Trk (blu) ~'70s [$qty=1 |vin:~ifo, ~runs |~prt |~sav |n csh] -W

Chevy S-10 Blazer 4x4 (blu) 1984 [$qty=1 |vin: 1G8CT18BXE8245259, ~ifo |~prt |~sav |~csh] -ESf

Chevy S-10 Blazer 4x4 (wht&blu) 1988 [$qty=1 |vin: 1GNCT18R0J8100509 |~prt |~sav |~csh] -W

Chevy Silverado Pickup Truck (blu) ~1984 [$qty=1 |vin:~ifo |~prt |n sav |y csh] -S

Chevy Van ~G10 (wht) ~1980 [$qty=1 |vin:~ifo |~prt |~sav |~csh] -WN

Chevy Van 108 #1 (blu) 1969 V8 [$qty=1 |vin: GE159P718257, ~ifo |y prt |~sav |~csh] -WC

Chevy Van 108 #3 ~'68 [$qty=1 |vin:~ifo |y prt |~sav |y csh]

Chevy Van 30 Panel 1 ton (lgtblu) 1971 [$qty=1 |vin: GE351U223635 |~prt |~sav |y csh] -WC

Chevy Van Astro (drkblu) 1994 [$qty=1 |vin: 1GNDM19W1RB217701 |n prt |y sav |n csh] -Sf

Chevy Van Astro (red) 1986 [$qty=1 |vin: 1G8DM15Z2GB211504 |~prt |~sav |~csh] -C

Chevy Van Beauville Sportvan (blu&slv) '70s [$qty=1 |vin:~ifo |y prt |~sav |~csh] -SWf

Chevy Van Beauville Sportvan 20 (bluwht) ~1981 [$qty=1 |vin:~ifo |y prt |~sav |~csh]

Chevy Van GMC (bluwht) 1968 [$qty=1 |vin: GS106PB18389 |y prt |~sav |y csh] -WC

Chrysler Desoto Fireflite 4-dr ~1955 [$qty=1 |vin:~ifo |y prt |~sav |~csh] -EC

Chrysler Lebaron GTS (SLV) 1985 [$qty=1 |vin: 1C3BH48D1FN162137 |y prt |~sav |~csh] -NWcf

Chrysler New Yorker Deluxe Sedan 4-dr early ~50s [$qty=1 |vin:~ifo |y prt |~sav |~csh] -EC

Cushman Truckster (ylw) 1950s [$qty=1 |vin:~ifo |y prt |~sav |~csh] -CW

Datsun Nissan Pickup 4WD (ylw) 08-1973 [$qty=1 |vin: PL620289813 |y prt |y sav |y csh] -EC

Dodge Coronet (gry) ~1965 (Mod-Stockcar) [$qty=1 |vin:~ifo |~prt |~sav |y csh] -SE

Dodge Coronet 440 Sedan 4-dr (gry) 1969 [$qty=1 |vin: WH41F9G272713 |y prt |y sav |n csh] -WC

Dodge Custom Cab Pickup (brn) ~1975 [$qty=1 |vin:~ifo, Front Assy. removed; motor, axle |y prt |n sav |~csh] -S

Dodge D100 Custom (1of3) Cab Pickup (wht) 1968 [$qty=1 |vin: 1187084378, Bang-board |~prt |~sav |y csh] -W

Dodge D100 Custom (2of3) Pickup (grnwht) 1967 [$qty=1 |vin: 1181692767 |~prt |~sav |y csh] -W

Dodge D100 Custom (3of3) Pickup (gry) ~'60s ('70) [$qty=1 |vin:~ifo |y prt |~sav |y csh] -S

Dodge D100 Custom Crew Cab Pickup (blu) 1975 [$qty=1 |vin: 017BF5S030551 |y prt |n sav |y csh] -WC

Dodge D100 Pickup (red) ~1972 [$qty=1 |vin:~ifo, Cab, Frame & Bed |y prt |n sav |y csh] -WC

Dodge D100 Pickup (wht) ~1972 [$qty=1 |vin:~ifo, Cab, Frame & Bed |y prt |n sav |y csh] -WC

Dodge D100 Pickup ½ ton (gry) 1960 [$qty=1 |vin: Serial No. 1160102251, motor, trany removed |~prt |y sav |n csh] -EC

Dodge D100 Step-side Pickup (blu) ~1957 [$qty=1 |vin:~ifo, Glass damage throughout |~prt |y sav |n csh] -WNf

Dodge D200 Pickup V8 (gry) 1962 ('61-'62) [$qty=1 |vin: 1261292083|~prt |y sav |n csh] -EC

Dodge D200 Truck Ύ ton Custom Utility Bed (blu) 1974 [$qty=1 |vin: D24BE4S153082, Custom Bed: Utility, ~runs |~prt |y sav |n csh] -SC

Dodge Motor Home (wht) 1976 [$qty=1 |vin: … Serial No: 36058, ~ifo, ext. fire damage |~prt |n sav |y csh] -SWc

Dodge Omni Hatchback 2-Door (blu-gry) ~1982 [$qty=1 |vin:~ifo |~prt |n sav |y csh] -Wf

Dodge Ram 350 Custom Pickup (tan) 1984 [$qty=1 |vin: 1B7KW3412ES319102, rear Canopy Shell, condition=good |~prt |y sav |n csh] -C

Dodge Stratus Sedan 4-dr (slv) 1997 [$qty=1 |vin: 1B3EJ46X7VN696799, motor pulled, doors removed retained, body dis-assy |y prt |n sav |y csh] -SW

Dodge V8 Truck (rst) (tow trk dis-assy.) ~1953-'55 [$qty=1 |vin:~ifo, prior tow truck, no rear cab assy., glass |n prt |y sav |n csh] -Shp

Dodge Van (org&wht) ~1973-‘74 [$qty=1 |vin:~ifo |y prt |n sav |y csh] -SW

Dodge Van B100 Royal Sportsman (blu) 360 V8 1973 [$qty=1 |vin: B14AF3V038871, runs |n prt |y sav |n csh]

Dodge Van B300 Royal Sportsman Maxi (copperwht) 1977 [$qty=1 |vin: B36BF7X028274 |y prt |~ sav |~ csh] -NWc

Dodge Van (bluwht) ~1970 [$qty=1 |vin:~ifo |y prt |n sav |y csh] -Wf

Dodge W100 Power Wagon (prmgry) 1958 [$qty=1 |vin: L8W1L29585, ~info building |~prt |~sav |n csh] -NWc

Dodge W100 Power Wagon 4WD (redwht) 1973 [$qty=1 |vin: W14AF3S127762, Roll Bar, 5th Wheel |~prt |y sav |~csh] -WN

Dodge W100 Power Wagon Sweptline (whtred) 1971 [$qty=1 |vin: E14AE1S324850 |y prt |n sav |y csh] -W

Dodge W200 Power Wagon 4WD (brn) 1973 [$qty=1 |vin: W24BE3S010177, ~runs |~prt |y sav |n csh] -SW
Ford Bronco Ranger XLT Pickup (drkbrn) ~’70-‘80s [$qty=1 |vin:~ifo |~prt |n sav |y csh] -S

Ford C-600 Cabover (wht) 1957 [$qty=1 |vin: C60U7U25219, Top R.rear corner crushed |y prt |~sav |~csh] -CW

Ford Escort 2-dr (blu) 1989 [$qty=1 |vin: 1FAPP9198Kw154554 |~prt |n sav |y csh] -E

Ford Escort Zx2 Sport 2-dr (slv) 1999 [$qty=1 |vin: 3FAKP1138XR101368 ~ifo |y prt |~sav |~csh] -Cntr

Ford F-100 Cab & Frame (blu&wht) 1974 [$qty=1 |vin: F10YRT28311, no rear box, axle |y prt |y sav |~csh] -SEf

Ford F-100 Pickup (blu) 1970 [$qty=1 |vin: F10YRK03509 |y prt |y sav |~csh] -WS

Ford F-100 Pickup (gry) 1970 [$qty=1 |vin: F11YKK31204 |~prt |~sav |~csh] -NWc

Ford F-150 ½ ton PU 2WD (burgundy) 1998 (parts) [$qty=1 |vin: 1FTZF1724WKB35448, parts |~prt |y sav |n csh] -C

Ford F-150 ½ ton XL PU 2WD (burgundy) 1997 [$qty=1 |vin: 2FTDF1727VCA87554, runs |~prt |y sav |n csh] -C

Ford F-150 ½ ton PU 4WD (rst-blu) 1986 [$qty=1 |vin: 2FTEF14N2GCB93478, w Motor & front axle |~prt |~sav |~csh] -SE

Ford F-150 Pickup (brn) 1976 [$qty=1 |vin: F15YLA38159 (~), Cab, Frame only |~prt |n sav |y csh] -WC

Ford F-150 Pickup (brn) 1976 [$qty=1 |vin: F15BRC50256, Motor pulled, front hood & tailgate removed |y prt |y sav |~csh] -SW

Ford F-150 Pickup (copper) 1977 [$qty=1 |vin: F15BRY89974 |~prt |n sav |y csh] -C

Ford F-150 Ranger XLT ½ ton PU 2WD (blu) 1981 [$qty=1 |vin: 1FTEF15E7BRA26737, runs |~prt |y sav |n csh] -C

Ford F-150 Supercab ½ ton PU 2WD (gry) 1983 [$qty=1 |vin: 1FTEX15F7DKA19241 |n prt |y sav |n csh] -C

Ford F-250 4WD Pickup (bluwht) ~1963 [$qty=1 |vin:~ifo |~prt |~sav |~csh] -NWcf …

Ford F-250 Crew Cab Pickup (red) 1974 [$qty=1 |vin: F25B6U30628, Body & Frame |~ prt |n sav |y csh] -C

Ford F-250 Custom, Cab only (blu) 1977 [$qty=1 |vin: F25JRX87691, Cab only |y prt |~sav |~csh] -Wf

Ford F-250 Custom Pickup (multi-c) 1971 [$qty=1 |vin: F25HKL46970 |y prt |~sav |y csh] -NWcf

Ford F-250 Pickup 4WD (wht) (custom lift) 1974 [$qty=1 |vin: F11YRUO6113 |~prt |y sav |n csh] -WC

Ford F300 Cab, Front Body Assy. w Frame (wht) 1952 [$qty=1 |vin: F3R2RH20287, Disassembled, Motor currently unknown |~ prt |~sav |~csh] -SWCf

Ford F-500 (F505) Custom Cab (red) 1970 [$qty=1 |vin: F500RJ52860 |y prt |n sav |~ csh] -WC

Ford F-600 (F611) Custom (red-blk) 1974 Rollback (wrecker) [$qty=1 |vin: F61ECS88122, Eng-391cu, runs |n prt |y sav |n csh]

Ford F-700 (F754) Custom Cab (red) 1971-’72 [$qty=1 |vin: F75EUB01818 |y prt |n sav |~ csh] -WC (piggyback)

Ford F-7000 (red/blk) 1987 Tow Truck Wrecker [$qty=1 |vin: 1FDPK70U7GVA05225, runs |n prt |y sav |n csh]

Ford Fairlane 500 Town Sedan 1962 [$qty=1 |vin: 2K42F171713, Body wrecked, salvage - motor, R. 2 doors, front bumper, ~grill, ~hood & ~interior |y prt |n sav |y csh] -EC

Ford Falcon Futura Station Wagon 4-dr (prmgry) 1965 [$qty=1 |vin: 5H24C190447, Motor removed |~prt |~sav |~ csh] -NWc

Ford Fordor 300 Custom Sedan (blu) 1958 [$qty=1 |vin:~ifo |~prt |~y sav |y csh] -Ef

Ford GT Ranchero (ylw) 1970 [$qty=1 |vin: F0A48M114399F, no motor |~prt |n sav |y csh] -C

Ford Lincoln Continental Mark III 2-dr (wht) 1969 [$qty=1 |vin: 9Y89A903789, R. rear panel hvy damage, roof rust through |~prt |n sav |y csh] -WN

Ford Motorhome Carriage 1991 460ci odo-41637 -WS [$qty=1 |vin: 1FCKE33G4MHA03978, complete upper frame tear down, runs perfect |~prt |y sav |n csh] -WS

Ford Mustang 1989 [$qty=1 |vin: 1FABP40A8KF213563 |~prt |n sav |y csh] -Wf

Ford Pickup (redwht) 1970s [$qty=1 |vin:~ifo |~prt |n sav |y csh] - WC

Ford Ranger 4WD Pickup (drk) 1987 [$qty=1 |vin: 1FTCR15T4HPA77551 |~prt |n sav |y csh] -WC

Ford Sedan 4-dr (blu) ~'90s [$qty=1 |vin:~ifo |~prt |n sav |y csh] -E

Ford Van (lgtblu) ~'70s [$qty=1 |vin:~ifo |~prt |n sav |y csh] -SC

Ford Van Aerostar (drk) 1987 [$qty=1 |vin: 1FDDA14U5HZA40823 |~prt |n sav |y csh] -WN

Ford Van Chateau E-350 Super-Wagon ~1981 [$qty=1 |vin:~ifo |~prt |n sav |y csh] -C

Ford Van Econoline (wht&blu) ~80s-90 [$qty=1 |vin:~ifo |~prt |n sav |y csh] -SC

Ford Van Econoline E-100 (blu) ~1974 [$qty=1 |vin:~ifo |~prt |n sav |y csh] -S

Ford Van Econoline E-300 (wht) 1971 [$qty=1 |vin: E34AHN24885 |~prt |n sav |y csh] -NWcf

Honda Accord 1.8L Twin Cam (slv) 1985 [$qty=1 |vin: JHMAD732XFC004237 |~prt |y sav |n csh] -SE

Hyundai Excel GL 4-dr Sedan (slv) 1988 [$qty=1 |vin: KMHLF22J7JU286738 |y prt |n sav |y csh] -WC

Hyundai Excel GL 4-dr Sedan (wht) 1989 [$qty=1 |vin: KMHLF11J7KU637127 |y prt |n sav |y csh] -WC

International Harvester K8 Dump Truck ~1945 [$qty=1 |vin:~ifo |~prt |y sav |~csh] -SEC

International Harvester Metro Van early '60s [$qty=1 |vin:~ifo |~prt |y sav |n csh] -SE

International L-120 PU Chas. M-L122, M-SD220 (gry) 1950 [$qty=1 |Chassis Ser: 10987 Ser: 53218 MaxGW: 6500lbs, 90hp |n prt |y sav |n csh] -NW

International S1600 Rollback (wrecker) ~1986 [$qty=1 |vin:~ifo, Aluminum tilt bed |n prt |y sav |n csh] -C

International S1600-1700 Cab only (wht) ~1986 [$qty=1 |vin:~ifo |~prt |y sav |n csh] -C

International S1600-1700 Hood only (wht) ~1986 [$qty=1 |vin:~ifo |n prt |y sav |n csh] -SC

Jeep Cherokee 2.5L late '80s-'90 [$qty=1 |vin:~ifo, no motor |~prt |n sav |y csh] -SE

Jeep Cherokee Sport (wht) 1990 [$qty=1 |vin: 1J4FJ87L1LL143283, L. door post area & roof damage, door replaced |~prt |y sav |n csh] -Sf

Jeep J10 Pickup (1of5) 4WD (slv) 1975 [$qty=1 |vin: J5A46XP0C5439, ~no motor/ F. drive assy. |~prt |n sav |y csh] -EC

Jeep J10 Pickup (2of5) 4WD (red) 1977 [$qty=1 |vin: J7A25MZO48824, F. drive-axle, ~no motor |~prt |n sav |y csh] -EC

Jeep J10 Pickup (3of5) 4WD (redwht) 1973 (’74) [$qty=1 |vin: J4M452CA30800, no motor |~prt |n sav |y csh] -WNC

Jeep J10 Pickup (4of5) 4WD (gry) ~60s-'70 [$qty=1 |vin:~ifo, ~no motor |~prt |n sav |y csh] -WC

Jeep J2000 Pickup (5of5) 4WD (blu) ~1971 (‘71-’73) [$qty=1 |vin:~ifo |~prt |n sav |y csh] -Wf

Jeep Wagoneer Limited Briarwood (d-gry&wd) 1985 [$qty=1 |vin: 1JCWC7560FT160165 |~prt |y sav |n csh] -Sf
Kia Optima LX 4-dr Sedan 2.4L (red) 2004 [$qty=1 |vin: KNAGD126645343797 ~ifo |y prt |~sav |~csh] -C

Mazda 626 2.0i 4-dr Sedan (drkgry) 1987 (crs) CW [$qty=1 |vin: JM1GC22A6H1106059 |~prt |n sav |y csh] -W

Mazda 626 2.0i 4-dr Sedan (red) ~1985 [$qty=1 |vin:~ifo |~prt |n sav |y csh] -S

Mazda B2000 SE-5 Sundowner Pickup (red) 1984 [$qty=1 |vin: JM2UC1214E0895970 |~prt |n sav |y csh] -CW

Mazda B2300 Pickup (drkblu) 1994 [$qty=1 |vin: 4F4CR12A4RTM76057, ~motor, tailgate-ok |~prt |n sav |y csh] -SE

Mercury Monterey 4-Dr Sedan (red) 1955 [$qty=1 |vin:~ifo |~prt |y sav |n csh] -W

Mobil Sweeper Model MS, The Conveyor Co. ~1950s [$qty=1 |vin: SA1016851, Serial No: 2MS.33.9.20, Cab & Frame w axles, ~doors |~prt |~ sav |~ csh] -Wf

Nissan D21 (Datsun) Hardbody PU 4WD (bluwht) 1989 [$qty=1 |vin: 1N6ND11Y9KC331193 |y prt |n sav |y csh] -C

Nissan Pathfinder SUV 4WD (2t-slv) 1987 [$qty=1 |vin: JN8HD16Y2JW003074 |~prt |~sav |~csh] -C

Nissan Pathfinder SUV 4WD (wht) 1991 [$qty=1 |vin: JN8HD17Y3MW040802 |y prt |~sav |n csh] -C

Nissan Pulsar NX Coupe (red) 1989 [$qty=1 |vin: JN1GN34S1KW417952 |~prt |y sav |n csh] -C

Oldsmobile Delta 88 (wht) 1984 [$qty=1 |vin: 1G3AN69YXEX383753 |~prt |no sav |y csh] -SWf

Peugeot 504D Diesel Station Wagon (wht) 1981 [$qty=1 |vin: VF3CD2151BS601843 |~prt |no sav |y csh] -SWf

Plymouth Grand Fury Sedan 4-dr (wht) 1984 [$qty=1 |vin: 1P3BB26S6EX568372 |y prt |no sav |y csh] -C

Plymouth Horizon 5-dr Hatchback (ylw) ~'84 ('77-'90) [$qty=1 |vin:~ifo |~prt |n sav |~csh] -C

Plymouth Station Wagon (rst) ~1954 [$qty=1 |vin:~ifo |~prt |~sav |~csh] -Ef

Pontiac Firebird 2-dr (drk) 1983 [$qty=1 |vin: 1G2AS8716DL213383, motor, trany uninstalled |~prt |~sav |~csh] -WSf

Pontiac Grand AM SE Model GRM (wht) 2000 [$qty=1 |vin: 1G2NF12E2YM794933 |n prt |y sav |~csh] -C

Pontiac Grand Prix (wht) 1979 [$qty=1 |vin: 2K37Y9P651916 |~prt |n sav |y csh] -WC

Pontiac Trans Am #1 Glass T-top (d-blu) 1983 [$qty=1 |vin: 1G2AW87H2DL215885, 5-speed stick, 9500 mi on 383 stroker |n prt |y sav |n csh]

Pontiac Trans Am #2 (drk) ~'83 [$qty=1 |vin: 1G2AW87H6CL529392, no motor, auto-tran |~prt |~sav |~csh] -WS

Pontiac Trans Am #3 Glass T-top (d-blu) 1983 [$qty=1 |vin: 1G1AP87S6DN146801 |~prt |~sav |~csh] -E

-------------- ^ Pontiac Trans Am & Firebird - 4 Cars: 1 Car a T-top, 383-stroker, runs & not of salvage. Salvage - 3 Cars: 1 T-top & 2 Hardtops, bodies w/out motors, all ~1983. ---------------

Rambler AMC M-6905 4-dr Sedan (blu) 1969 [$qty=1 |vin: A9SO5OA277167 |~prt |~sav |~csh] -S

Rambler American 330 Station Wagon M-6408-2 (whtblu) 1964 [$qty=1 |vin: B686463, ~Rad project |~prt |~sav |~csh] -SC

Rambler American M-6006-2 (wht) 1960 [$qty=1 |vin: B187809 |y prt |y sav |y csh] -C

Rambler Classic 660 232 Six M-6515-2 (slv) 1965 [$qty=1 |vin: L150873 |n prt |y sav |n csh] -SE

Rambler Marlin #1 (red) 1965 327cu [$qty=1 |vin: 4103283 |n prt |y sav |n csh] -N

Rambler Marlin #2 ~'65-'67 [$qty=1 |vin:~ifo |~prt |y sav |n csh] -SEf

Rambler Super Coupe 2-dr Hardtop (whtdrk) 1959 [$qty=1 |vin: M49284* |~prt |y sav |n csh] -WC

Rambler Super Station Wagon M-5904-1 (wht) 1959 [$qty=1 |vin: M116820 |~prt |y sav |n csh] -NCf

Renault Alliance (wht) 1987 [$qty=1 |vin: 1XMVW9677HK105353 |~prt |n sav |~csh] -Sf

Renault Alliance (wht) 1987 [$qty=1 |vin: 1XMVW9671HK111116 |~prt |n sav |~csh] -CW

Subaru Alcyone SVX Sports Coupe #1 (drkblu) 08-1991 (’92) [$qty=1 |vin: JF1CX3538NH104635 |~prt |y sav |n csh] -C

Subaru Alcyone SVX Sports Coupe #2 (drkblu) 1991 (’92) [$qty=1 |vin: JF1CX3532NH106722 |~prt |y sav |n csh] -C

Subaru Alcyone SVX Sports Coupe #3 (drkblu) 06-1991 (’92) [$qty=1 |vin: JF1CX3533NH102212 |~prt |y sav |n csh] -C

Subaru Alcyone SVX Sports Coupe (drk) #1 04-91 (’92) [$qty=1 |vin: JF1CX3532NH100421, no motor|~prt |n sav |~csh] -NE

Subaru Alcyone SVX Sports Coupe (drk) 06-91 (’92) [$qty=1 |vin: JF1CX3537NH101550, no motor |~prt |n sav |~csh] -NE

Subaru Alcyone SVX Sports Coupe (drkblu) 1991 (’92) [$qty=1 |vin: JF1CX3539NH101405, no motor |~prt |n sav |~csh] -SW

Subaru Forester SUV AWD (silver) 2000 [$qty=1 |vin: JF1SF6356YH701808, motor rmved dis-assy |~prt |y sav |n csh] -W

Subaru Legacy AWD 4-dr Sedan (wht) 1991 [$qty=1 |vin: 4S4BC63C3M6613513 |~prt |~sav |n csh] -SW

Subaru Legacy AWD 4-dr Sedan (wht) 1999 [$qty=1 |vin: 4S3BD685XX7255806, motor pulled, doors removed retained, body dis-assy|~prt |n sav |y csh] -S

Subaru Legacy Sedan (red) 1991 [$qty=1 |vin: 4S4BC65C9M7624460 |~prt |~sav |n csh] -S

Subaru Legacy Sedan 4-dr (slv) 1992 [$qty=1 |vin:~ifo |~prt |n sav |~csh] -SWf

Subaru Legacy Sedan 4-dr (slv) 1992 [$qty=1 |vin: 4S3BC6320N6622196, scrap |~prt |n sav |y csh] -S

Subaru Legacy SUV AWD (slv) 2005 [$qty=1 |vin: 4S3BP616757305360, motor pulled, front hood removed |~prt |y sav |n csh]-W

Subaru XT6 AWD Sports Coupe (silver) 02-1990 (’91) [$qty=1 |vin: JF1AX942XMG300566 |~prt |~sav |~csh] -C
Toyota 2-dr (gld) ~1980 [$qty=1 |vin:~ifo |~prt |n sav |y csh] -Wf

Toyota Pickup (grn) ~1970s [$qty=1 |vin: SGTATM12765 |~prt |n sav |y csh] -SW

Toyota Pickup (wht) ~1977 [$qty=1 |vin: RN28 166922 |~prt |n sav |~ csh] -NW

Toyota SR5 Longbed Pickup (org) 1977 [$qty=1 |vin: RN28121106 |~prt |~sav |~csh] -NW

Volkswagen Beetle (rst-brn) 1966 [$qty=1 |vin: 116207712, body shell w-doors, eng. hood (Baja prj) |~prt |~sav |~csh] -W

Volkswagen Boonie Bug Van (org) 1960 Type 2 Bus Frame [$qty=1 |vin: 581698 |~prt |~sav |~csh] -WC

Volkswagen Rabbit (~diesel) (~LS) (wht) 1981 [$qty=1 |vin: 1VWFG0174BV020076 |~prt |n sav |y csh] -C

Volkswagen Super Beetle (blu) 1973 Prod. 8-72 to 10-72 [$qty=1 |vin: 1332536858, ~runs |~prt |~sav |~csh] -W

Volkswagen Super Beetle (red) 10-1970 Prod. 8-70 to 7-71 [$qty=1 |vin: 1112205421, engine removed |~prt |~sav |~csh] -E

Volkswagen Super Beetle (ylw) 1971 Prod. 8-70 to 7-71 [$qty=1 |vin: 1112285891, ~runs |~prt |~sav |~csh] -N

Westcoaster 3-Wheel Golf Cart #1 1970-'76 [$qty=1|vin:~ifo |y prt |y,n sav |Fiberglass] -shp

Westcoaster 3-Wheel Golf Cart #2 1970-'76 [$qty=1|vin:~ifo |y prt |y,n sav |Fiberglass] -shp

Willys Jeep Station Wagon (brnwht) 1946-‘64 [$qty=1 |vin:~ifo |~prt |n sav |~csh] -Sec

Trailer Cushman (ylw) [$qty=1 |vin:~ifo |~prt |~sav |~csh]

•0/( )=unknown||Condition: &n=as new &g=good &f=fair &p=poor &s=scrap

[Body $q(6) #0_door 2-wt #0 2-br #0 1-yl #0 1-wt $q(2) #0_hood 1-bl #0 1-wt]

[Body $qty1 #Chevy Bel Air_hood,fenders,grille,bumper 1962-pri &f]

[Body $qty1 #0 Pickup Trk_cab chassis-blu]

[Body $qty1 #0 Trk_cab ~chassis-gry ~'40s-'50s]

[Body $qty1 #0 Trk_front body assembly-gry ~'40s-'50s]

[Door $qty(2) #0 Trk 1-grn #0 1-wht]

[Door $qty(3) #0 Trk 1-wht &g #0 1-blu &g #0 1-ylw &g]

[Door $qty(8) #Subaru 4-red &g # 1-wht &g # 2-slv &g # 1-slv &p ~'80-'90]

[Door $qty1 #Ford Fairlane 500 Town Sedan_r.side-red &g ~'62]

[Door $qty2 #0 Sport Coupe_protrude &f ~'60s-'70]

[Door $qty2 #0 Sport Coupe_protrude hdle-blu,ywl &f ~'60s-'70]

[Door $qty2 #0 Trk_flush handle-2tone.ylw.brn &g ~'70s-'80]

[Door $qty2 #AMC Javelin 6879-5_flush hdle-blu &g ~'68]

[Door $qty2 #AMC Rebel SST Sedan 7915-7_front R.L.side-drk.grn &g 1970]

[Door $qty2 #Ford Galaxie 500 Fastback 2-wt &f 1964]

[Door $qty4 #Subaru Legacy Sedan AWD-wht &g ~'95-'97]

[Grill $qty1 # Chevy Trk_aluminum &p ~1970-'80s]

[Grill $qty1 # Ford Trk_aluminum &f ~1970s]

[Hood $qty(1) # Chevy 1965 Chevy Biscayne, 1-Trunk -Cond. very Good]

[Hood $qty(2) # Chevy 1-red #0 1-brn]

[Hood $qty(2) # Chevy 1963 Impala Super Sport 1-Engine, 1-Trunk -Cond. very Good]

[Hood $qty(2) # Ford 1-ywl #0 1-lgt.blu]

[Hood $qty1 # Jeep_cntr scoop-brn]

[Hood $qty1 #~Subaru-red]

[Hood $qty1 #0 Sport Car-gry ~'60s-'70]

[Hood $qty1 #0 Trk1-brn]

[Hood $qty1 #0 Trk2-brn]

[Hood $qty1 #0-wht]

[Hood $qty1 #Chevy Nova Trunk &f ~1971] with chromed, Nova/ By Chevrolet emblem

[Tailgate $qty(2) # Dodge-2tone.blu.wht &g #_Ram-gld &g ~'70-'80]

Louvers or Windshield Shields [$qty2 #0-brn]

Hobart Brothers Co., Troy, Ohio, USA Mobile (trailer mounted) Welder Generator, Engine Ford 200 6-cyl, Gasoline ~'70s. [$qty=1 |atsse001salvagehobartwelder |Condition=Good]

Hub Caps Assorted … having seen how some posting in YouTube & elsewhere’s the removal of metal dimpling (dent) blemishes without destroying the surface tension, all hubcaps should be saved. Too plastic can favor some rehabilitation, especially regarding bumpers.