Auto / Salvage Depot - Also ✓ 'Local Pickup'

Items sold in this Store sale are from the acquisition of a Towing and Salvage yard. The business acquired began operating in the early 1960s to the beginning of 2000, finalizing its previous owner's operation in 2019. Before creating this opening 3 AMC AMX hardtops were removed, so what's left should be interesting.

Lists (partial) below is for Store’s use only in building, dates and info is currently being updated. Date 01-25-2020 2t=2tone • n=no / y=yes • [$qty=1|~info|~part|~salvage|~crush] -> [$qty=1|~ifo|~prt|~sav|~csh] See 'List.'

☚ List
- Auto / Salvage
• Volkswagen 3 Wheeled Motorcycle
Volkswagen Trike
• Engine - Chevy 441 Heads
Engine - Chevy 441 Heads
• Javelin
• Barrel - Iron Ringed Banded Metal Fuel Oil (~110gal) Early 1900s Vtg
Banded Fuel Barrel ~110gal 1900s
• Barrel - Metal Riveted Handled Drum (~25gal) Early 1900s
Riveted Handled Drum ~25gal 1900s
• 100lb Metal Lead Bars (~pig)
100lb Lead Bars
• Hobart Portable Trailered Welder / Generator
Hobart Welder/ Generator Trailer Mounted
• Boiler - West Coast, The Steel Tank & Pipe Co. of Oregon, Boiler Mfgr’s Atq
West Coast Wood Boiler Atq
• Subaru SVX
Subaru SVX
• Rambler Super Wagon
Rambler Super Wagon
• Custom 5th Wheel Tri-Axle Trailer
Custom 5th Wheel Tri-Axle Trailer
AMC Ambassador 2-dr Hardtop (wht) ~'65-'66 [$qty=1 |vin:~ifo, body:(0),tk-(2a) |~prt |~sav |n csh]

AMC Javelin (SST) 2-dr Hardtop (red) ~'71-'72 [$qty=1 |vin:~ifo, body:(0),pl-lr.(3a-?") |~prt |~sav |n csh]

AMC Javelin 990 series 2-dr Hardtop (blu) 1968 ('66-'69) [$qty=1 |vin:a8s795m245013~ifo, body:(0),pl-rf.(1), chassis w/glass,taillight assembly,bumpers > removed:engine,doors,hood,trunk lid(held in yard) |y prt |~sav |~csh]

AMC Javelin 990 series 2-dr Hardtop (brn) 1968 ('66-'69) [$qty=1 |vin:a8a795b246165~ifo, body:(0), chassis w/engine(straight 6),glass,console,F.bumper > removed:doors,hood,trunk lid(~held in yard) |y prt |~sav |~csh]

AMC Matador Coupe 2-dr (1974-1978) [$qty=1 |vin:~ifo |~prt |y sav |n csh]

BMW 530i (brn) 1970s [$qty=1 |vin:~ifo |~prt |y sav |n csh]

Bus #1 (wht) sw -motor store [$qty=1 |vin:~ifo |~prt |~sav |~csh]

Bus #2 (blu) sw -motor store [$qty=1 |vin:~ifo |~prt |~sav |~csh]

Bus #3 (ylw) sw -motor store [$qty=1 |vin:~ifo |~prt |~sav |~csh]

Bus #4 Dodge 700 (wht) '58-'59 sw -motor store [$qty=1 |vin:~ifo |~prt |~sav |~csh]

Bus Carpenter Body Works Modified Transit GMC Chassis (drkblu) ~1978 -motor (vw) store [$qty=1 |vin:~ifo |~prt |~sav |~csh]

Bus Dodge ~1948 B-Series (wht) (1948-'53) NE -motor store [$qty=1 |vin:~ifo |~prt |~sav |~csh]

Cadillac Sedan (slv) ~late '90s [$qty=1 |vin:~ifo |~prt |~sav |~csh]

Chevy Sedan 4-dr (lgtblu) ~'80s [$qty=1 |vin:~ifo |~prt |n sav |y csh]

Chevy 4x4 (red/blk) ~'70s ('73-'79) Tow Truck Wrecker [$qty=1 |vin:~ifo, hold-runs |n prt |y sav |n csh]

Chevy 30 Custom Deluxe Dual Axle Trk (forest service grn) ~'78 -Loaded w/Rims [$qty=1 |vin:~ifo, hold-runs |n prt |y sav |n csh]

Chevy Beauville Sport Van (2t-blu&slv) '70s sw [$qty=1 |vin:~ifo |y prt |~sav |~csh]

Chevy Blazer 4x4 (blu) ~'80s [$qty=1 |vin:~ifo |~prt |~sav |~csh]

Chevy Blazer 4x4 (wht&blu) ~'80s [$qty=1 |vin:~ifo |~prt |~sav |~csh]

Chevy C60 (red/blk) '63-'66 Tow Truck Wrecker [$qty=1 |vin:~ifo, trk cab ok > no glass |~prt |~sav |~csh]

Chevy C1500 Silverado Pickup Truck (red) 1991 [$qty=1 |vin:~ifo |y prt |n sav |y csh]

Chevy C2500 RWD 2-Dr Regular Cab Pickup Truck (drkblu) ~1990s [$qty=1 |vin:~ifo |~prt |~sav |n csh]

Chevy Cavalier 2-dr Hardtop (blu) ~1990s [$qty=1 |vin:~ifo |~prt |n sav |y csh]

Chevy Cheyenne 30 Cab & ~Chassis (grn&blu) '73-'80 [$qty=1 |vin:~ifo |~prt |n sav |y csh]

Chevy Custom 3.0 350 V8 Dual Axle Flatbed (slv) ~'72 ('69-'70) -Loaded w/Axles-Concrete Brick [$qty=1 |vin:~ifo |n prt |~sav |n csh]

Chevy Custom 4x4 PU Trk (brn) ~'75-'78 SW [$qty=1 |vin:~ifo |~prt |~sav |~csh]

Chevy Custom 20 (ylw) ~'71 Tow Truck Wrecker [$qty=1 |vin:~ifo, alpha_yard_trk |~prt |~sav |~csh]

Chevy GMC Sierra 15 4x4 Pickup Truck (drkblu) '73-'80 [$qty=1 |vin:~ifo |~prt |n sav |y csh]

Chevy GMC Sierra 15 RWD Pickup Truck (lgtblu) '73-'80 [$qty=1 |vin:~ifo |~prt |~sav |n csh]

Chevy Pickup Trk (blu) ~'70s [$qty=1 |vin:~ifo, runs |~prt |~sav |n csh]

Chevy Silverado Pickup Truck (blu) ~1984 [$qty=1 |vin:~ifo |~prt |n sav |y csh]

Chevy Van & Chevy 20 PU Trk (2t-blu&wht) ~'70s [$qty=2 |vin:~ifo |~prt |~sav |~csh]

Chevy Van 108 ~3-Vans (2-tn) (blu) ~'68 ('67-'70) [$qty=3 |vin:~ifo |y,y,y prt |~,~,n sav |~,~,y csh]

Chevy Van 300 (lgtblu) ~'70s [$qty=1 |vin:~ifo |~prt |~sav |~csh]

Chrysler Desoto Sedan 4-dr early ~1950s

Chrysler New Yorker Deluxe Sedan 4-dr early ~50s

Cushman Three Wheel Service Vehicles ~'60-'70s [$qty=2|vin:~ifo |y prt |y,n sav |Fiberglass]
Datsun Pickup Truck 4x4 (ylw) ~1975-'76 [$qty=1 |vin:~ifo |y prt |y sav |y csh]

Dodge (1of3) PU Trk wBangboard (wht) '60s sw [$qty=1 |vin:~ifo |~prt |~sav |y csh]

Dodge (1of3) (2) Trk (2t-grn&wht) '60s sw [$qty=1 |vin:~ifo |~prt |~sav |y csh]

Dodge 100 Pickup Truck (gry) ~'60s ('70) [$qty=1 |vin:~ifo |y prt |~sav |y csh]

Dodge Club Cab Pickup Trk (blu) ~'70s [$qty=1 |vin:~ifo |y prt |n sav |y csh]

Dodge Custom Cab Pickup Truck (brn) ~'70s [$qty=1 |vin:~ifo |y prt |n sav |~csh]

Dodge D-100 Step-side Pickup Trk 1957 [$qty=1 |vin:~ifo |~prt |y sav |n csh]

Dodge Motor Home 1976 (fire damage) [$qty=1 |vin:m40ca...~ifo |~prt |n sav |y csh]

Dodge Pickup Truck (gry) ~1963 -Loaded w/Alloy RR signs [$qty=1 |vin:~ifo |~prt |y sav |n csh]

Dodge Pickup Truck (wht) ~'68-'69 [$qty=1 |vin:~ifo |~prt |y sav |n csh]

Dodge Pickup Truck ~1958-'59 [$qty=1 |vin:~ifo |~prt |y sav |n csh]

Dodge Power Wagon Pickup Truck (wht&red) late ~'60s-'70 [$qty=1 |vin:~ifo |y prt |n sav |y csh]

Dodge Ram 350 Custom Pickup Truck (gry) late '70s [$qty=1 |vin:~ifo, condition=good |~prt |y sav |n csh]

Dodge Ram W-Series (4wd) Pickup Truck ~'72-'73 [$qty=1 |vin:~ifo, ~runs |~prt |y sav |n csh]

Dodge Stratus Sedan 4-dr (slv) 1997 [$qty=1 |vin:~ifo |y prt |n sav |y csh]

Dodge Truck 200 Ύ Ton Custom Bed Trk (blu) ~1974 -Loaded w/Cast [$qty=1 |vin:~ifo, runs |~prt |y sav |n csh]

Dodge Truck V8 (tow trk) ~'53-'55 [~cab only|~no glass] [$qty=1 |vin:~ifo |n prt |y sav |n csh]

Dodge Van (2T-org&wht) '70s sw [$qty=1 |vin:~ifo |y prt |n sav |y csh]

Dodge Vans '60 to '70s [$qty=1 |vin:~ifo |~prt |~sav |~csh]

Ford Bronco Ranger XLT Pickup Truck (drkbrn) ~'70-'80s [$qty=1 |vin:~ifo |~prt |n sav |y csh]

Ford Cab Pickup Truck (wht&blu) Chassis, no box ~'70s

Ford Cabover Truck ~1965

Ford Custom 300 Fordor Sedan (blu) 1958 [$qty=1 |vin:~ifo |~prt |~y sav |y csh]

Ford Econoline Van (2-tone wht&blu) ~'80s-'90 [$qty=1 |vin:~ifo |~prt |n sav |y csh]

Ford Escort (blu) 1988-'90 [$qty=1 |vin:~ifo |~prt |n sav |y csh]

Ford Escort Zx2 Sport 2-dr 1999 [$qty=1 |vin:3fakp1138xr101368 ~ifo |y prt |n sav |y csh]

Ford F-100 Pickup Truck (blu) ~1970 [$qty=1 |vin:~ifo |y prt |y sav |~csh]

Ford F-150 Pickup Truck (brn) ~'70s [$qty=1 |vin:~ifo |y prt |y sav |~csh]

Ford F-150 Pickup Truck (burgundy) ~1998 [$qty=1 |vin:~ifo, runs |~prt |y sav |n csh]

Ford F-150 Pickup Truck (Copper Metallic) 1977 [$qty=1 |vin:~ifo |~prt |n sav |y csh]

Ford F-150 Ranger XLT Pickup Truck (blu) ~1981 [$qty=1 |vin:~ifo, runs |~prt |y sav |n csh]

Ford F-150 XL Pickup Truck (burgundy) ~1998 [$qty=1 |vin:~ifo, runs |~prt |y sav |n csh]

Ford F-250 Pickup Truck (custom lift) ~1976-'77 [$qty=1 |vin:~ifo |~prt |y sav |n csh]

Ford F600 Custom (red/blk) ~1977 Rollback (wrecker) -Loaded w/Cast [$qty=1 |vin:~ifo, hold-runs |n prt |y sav |n csh]

Ford F7000 (red/blk) 1986 Tow Truck Wrecker [$qty=1 |vin:~ifo, hold-runs |n prt |y sav |n csh]

Ford Fairlane 500 Town Sedan 1962 [$qty=1 |vin:~ifo |y prt |n sav |y csh]

Ford GT Ranchero ~'70 [$qty=1 |vin:~ifo |~prt |n sav |y csh]

Ford Sedan 4-dr (blu) ~'90s

Ford Supercab F-150 Pickup Trk (gray) ~1982 -Loaded w/Steel flat angle

Ford Van (lgtblu) ~'70s [$qty=1 |vin:~ifo |~prt |n sav |y csh]
Honda Accord


International Harvester K8 Dump Truck ~1945

International Harvester Metro Van early '60s

International Harvester Pickup Truck early ~1950-'55

International S1600 (red/blk) Rollback (wrecker)

International S1600-1700 Cab only (wht)

International S1600-1700 Hood only (wht)

Jeep (~4 trks) Pickup Trucks [$qty=4 |vin:~ifo |y,y,y,~n prt |y,~y,n,n sav |n,~n,y,y csh]

Jeep Cherokee 2.5L late '80s-'90

Jeep Cherokee Briarwood Mini Wagoneer Limit ~1992 [$qty=1 |vin:~ifo |~prt |y sav |n csh]

Jeep Cherokee Sport (wht) ~1993 [$qty=1 |vin:~ifo |~prt |y sav |n csh]

Jeep Pickup Truck ~'60s-'70 [$qty=1 |vin:~ifo |~prt |n sav |y csh]

KIA LX 4-dr Sedan (red) 2004 [$qty=1 |vin:knagd126645343797 ~ifo |y prt |~ sav |y csh]

Lincoln Continental 1970s

Mazda 2.0i 4-dr Sedan (blu) ~'80s-'90s [$qty=1 |vin:~ifo |~prt |n sav |y csh]

Mazda 4-dr Sedan (brn) ~'80-'90 (crush) [$qty=1 |vin:~ifo |~prt |n sav |y csh]

Mazda 626 2.0i ~1985 (red) [$qty=1 |vin:~ifo |~prt |n sav |y csh]

Mazda B2300 Pickup Truck (drkblu) 1994-'97 [$qty=1 |vin:~ifo, ~motor |~prt |n sav |y csh]

Mercury Monterey 4-Dr Sedan (red) 1955 [$qty=1 |vin:~ifo |~prt |y sav |n csh]

Nissan D21 (Datsun) Hardbody Pickup Truck ~1985-'97 [$qty=1 |vin:~ifo |y prt |n sav |y csh]

Nissan NX (i) ~'80-'90s

Nissan SUV

Peugeot Station Wagon (wht) '70-'80 sw [$qty=1 |vin:~ifo |~prt |no sav |y csh]

Plymouth Grand Fury (~Caravelle Salon) (wht) ~'82-'83 [$qty=1 |vin:~ifo |y prt |~sav |y csh]

Plymouth Horizon 5-dr Hatchback ~'84 ('77-'90) [$qty=1 |vin:~ifo |~prt |n sav |~csh]

Plymouth Station Wagon ~1954

Rambler 4-dr Sedan (blu) ~'70s [$qty=1 |vin:~ifo |~prt |~sav |~csh]

Rambler American ~1960 [$qty=1 |vin:~ifo |y prt |y sav |y csh]

Rambler Classic 660 (slv) ~1965 [$qty=1 |vin:~ifo |n prt |y sav |n csh]

Rambler Marlin1 ~'65-'67 [$qty=1 |vin:~ifo |n prt |y sav |n csh]

Rambler Marlin2 ~'65-'67 [$qty=1 |vin:~ifo |~prt |y sav |n csh]

Rambler Station Wagon

Rambler Super Coupe 2-dr Hardtop ~1959 [$qty=1 |vin:~ifo |~prt |y sav |n csh]

Rambler Super Station Wagon '59-'63 [$qty=1 |vin:~ifo |~prt |y sav |n csh]

Renault (wht) ~'70s-'80s [$qty=1 |vin:~ifo |~prt |n sav |~csh]

Subaru Forester SUV 4WD (silver) ~1999 -motor store [$qty=1 |vin:~ifo |~prt |y sav |n csh]

Subaru Legacy L 4WD 4-dr Sedan (wht) ~1990s [$qty=1 |vin:~ifo |~prt |~sav |n csh]

Subaru Legacy Sedan (red) ~1990 [$qty=1 |vin:~ifo |~prt |~sav |n csh]

Subaru Legacy Sedan (wht) ~1990 [$qty=1 |vin:~ifo |~prt |~sav |n csh]

Subaru Legacy Sedan 4-dr (slv) ~'93

Subaru Legacy Sedan 4-dr AWD (wht) 1999

Subaru Legacy SUV (silver) ~2007

Subaru (slv) sw [$qty=1 |vin:~ifo |~prt |n sav |y csh]

Subaru SVX (drkblu) ~'90s [$qty=1 |vin:~ifo |~prt |n sav |y csh]

Subaru SVX (~6 cars) dark colors

Subaru XT6 AWD (silver) ~1988 ('85-'91)
T-Bird (Mod-Stock Car) … Packard Predictor

Trailer Cushman (ylw)

Trans Am - 4 Cars (1car) T-Top (383-stroker_7500mi_runs) not of salvage*. Salvage - 3 Cars: 1 T-Top & 2 Hardtops, bodies w/out motors, all ~1983. [$qty=3* |vin:~ifo |y prt |y,y,n sav |n,n,y csh]

"Vans" [Chevy=wht,blu,2tonewb |Dodge=2twb,blu,wht |Ford=wht,2tgw,grn]… late 1960-'90s "tst" [$qty=0 |vin:~ifo |c,d,f ~prt |c,d,f ~sav |n?y?n?,?,? csh]

Willys Jeep Station Wagon

VW Beetle ~'70 (blue) [$qty=1 |vin:~ifo |~prt |~sav |~csh]

VW Beetle (red) Body Stamped 10-1970 [$qty=1 |vin:~ifo |~prt |~sav |~csh]

VW Beetle ~'70 (Baja) (rust brown) [$qty=1 |vin:~ifo |~prt |~sav |~csh]

VW Beetle ~'70 (yellow) [$qty=1 |vin:~ifo |~prt |~sav |~csh]

Volkswagen Rabbit (~diesel) (~LS) (wht) 1981 [$qty=1 |vin:~ifo |~prt |n sav |~csh]

•0/( )=unknown||Condition: &n=as new &g=good &f=fair &p=poor &s=scrap

[Body $q(6) #0_door 2-wt #0 2-br #0 1-yl #0 1-wt $q(2) #0_hood 1-bl #0 1-wt]

[Body $qty1 #Chevy Bel Air_hood,fender2,grille,bumper-pri &f '62('61)]

[Body $qty1 #0 Pickup Trk_cab chassis-blu]

[Body $qty1 #0 Trk_cab ~chassis-gry ~'40s-'50s]

[Body $qty1 #0 Trk_front body assembly-gry ~'40s-'50s]

[Door $qty(2) #0 Trk 1-grn #0 1-wht]

[Door $qty(3) #0 Trk 1-wht &g #0 1-blu &g #0 1-ylw &g]

[Door $qty(8) #Subaru 4-red &g # 1-wht &g # 2-slv &g # 1-slv &p ~'80-'90]

[Door $qty1 #Ford Fairlane 500 Town Sedan_r.side-red &g ~'62]

[Door $qty2 #0 Sport Coupe_protrude &f ~'60s-'70]

[Door $qty2 #0 Sport Coupe_protrude hdle-blu,ywl &f ~'60s-'70]

[Door $qty2 #0 Trk_flush handle-2tone.ylw.brn &g ~'70s-'80]

[Door $qty2 #AMC Javelin 6879-5_flush hdle-blu &g ~'68]

[Door $qty2 #AMC Rebel SST Sedan 7915-7_front R.L.side-drk.grn &g 1970]

[Door $qty2 #Ford Galaxie 500 Fastback 2-wt &f 1964]

[Door $qty4 #Subaru Legacy Sedan AWD-wht &g ~'95-'97]

[Grill $qty1 # Chevy Trk_aluminum &p ~1970-'80s]

[Grill $qty1 # Ford Trk_aluminum &f ~1970s]

[Hood $qty(2) # Chevy 1-red #0 1-brn]

[Hood $qty(2) # Ford 1-ywl #0 1-lgt.blu]

[Hood $qty1 # Jeep_cntr scoop-brn]

[Hood $qty1 #~Subaru-red]

[Hood $qty1 #0 Sport Car-gry ~'60s-'70]

[Hood $qty1 #0 Trk1-brn]

[Hood $qty1 #0 Trk2-brn]

[Hood $qty1 #0-wht]

[Hood $qty1 #Chevy Nova Trunk &f ~1971] with chromed, Nova/ By Chevrolet emblem

[Tailgate $qty(2) # Dodge-2tone.blu.wht &g #_Ram-gld &g ~'70-'80]

Louvers or Windshield Shields [$qty2 #0-brn]

Hobart Brothers Co., Troy, Ohio, USA Mobile (trailer mounted) Welder Generator, Engine Ford 200 6-cyl, Gasoline ~'70s. [$qty=1 |atsse001salvagehobartwelder |Condition=Good]

Hub Caps Assorted … having seen how some posting in YouTube & elsewhere’s the removal of metal dimpling (dent) blemishes without destroying the surface tension, all hubcaps should be saved. Too plastic can favor some rehabilitation, especially regarding bumpers.