This site will remain for time and is expected to have changes in goods being offered. So look carefully at the item. If this is for you then the next step is the future you bring in the power of choice. Our goal is in making the customer happy with their informed purchase and having them return.

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DESCRIPTION: Items described likely will have been in previous use and cared for. They could be more or less than 20, to well over 100 years old. There quite possible to be imperfections due to wear over time, or even when formed. If looking for flawless you’re not looking for pre-owned, vintage or antique. Because age makes them prone to some degree of degradation, or other imperfections associated with use. We strive to acquire items in their best condition possible for the satisfaction of the buyer and are sold “as is.”

CONDITION: ●New = viewed as never being in service. ●Very Good = excellent aged vintage with character. ●Good = with character, some minor scuffs and or flea bites. ●Nice = some wear, scuffs, age cracks, very minor flecks or chips. ●Fair = item has cosmetic issues that don’t compromise its integrity. ●Poor = issues with item & best used as an example, care taken handling. ●Repaired = the item has been repaired and will be stated as such and rated. ●As-Is = Item could be possibly any of the above yet having a flaw, as missing a part.

New still will have character, since no one piece is absolutely perfect to another. If Vintage it will have added time to its character, is what vintage holds and makes for appeal. Whatever the condition any notable feature difference will be stated when discovered.

1) New Item or New Old Stock. Most items in this store are from previous owners who likely purchased the item(s) with the intent for use; to place into service. If stated to be a “New Item,” or “New Old Stock,” it is our observed understanding that it has never been removed from its original packaging or in actual service. Extent of the previous history of the item is likely to be Unknown, see ‘TERMS OF SALE.’

2) New Retail Old Stock. If stated as such it will be considered to be similar to a “New Retail Item” (see below) though its prior purchase possibly doesn’t allow a current supply. Likely the creator or manufacturer may no longer exist, see ‘TERMS OF SALE.’

3) New Retail Item. If goods we acquired are from a company or manufacturer, it will be stated, “New Retail Item,” having no prior history of customer ownership with intent on personal use. The history can be traced only to an outlet company or manufacturer and therefore known. If purchased under this condition an exception to ‘TERMS OF SALE’ is warranted, where returns may be allowed as long as the item(s) is as sold and in their original unopened packaging. All other stated conditions herein still apply.

OCEAN RECOVERY ITEMS: We tell what we see but there may have been something missed that you might see. Sometimes very small imperfections exists that only a camera can pinpoint. If it looks like a flea bite or worse it might be a glass works issue from long past. Glass surfaces can crack due to impurities, furnace temperature, as with handling, time of day, or week the item was made. Very fine deposits of silt can invade these areas over a century. Compounded with extreme pressure from ocean waters the item was found under. Giving a chip/crack appearance when viewed close up, as cameras can do very well. Most all photos given are in 2D and not 3D, which adds to a narrowing of what one sees.

MAKE OFFER: We accept offers on our stores items. If wishing to submit one please use the ‘Contact Us’ tab and the email therein. In making an offer it can be accepted, countered, declined, or just ignored. Course the 1st would be assumed to be what a party would like; having the latter could be expected. In allowing this ability it’s not a guarantee that it will be used in lieu of the amount given for the items in this store. But then, to not make this ability, the customer nor this store would ever have benefit in use, so it’s being allowed.

QUANTITY SALE: If purchasing 1 item then deciding to add another and the sale cancels, it maybe that one of the item’s already sold. Sales will be updated within a 24 hour period. Any inconvenience should it occur is our apology, as we strive on making your visit a very pleasant one.

MINIMUM ORDER: Minimum order applies to any item less than the given cash amount specified in minimum purchase upon check-out. Minimum orders will ship in combination necessary to fulfill such order and must be of like weight. Any single item’s weight that could damage a much lighter and or fragile item(s) will not ship together. Light fragile will only ship with like items, heavy fragile will ship only with like items. Light metal and heavy metal items, if there’s a possibility of damage will not ship together. The customer should use discretion on building an order if to satisfy check-out requirements, to avoid a possible delay or even cancellation of their order. Having personally worked and supervised in one of Alaska’s USPS airport hubs this is a must requirement. It too should be noted that by adding an item to your cart doesn’t hold that item for you. It'll still be visible and available for purchase by someone else.

PAYMENT: Payment option is either through Visa or PayPal. If paying by e-check your package will be ready to ship upon notification of a cleared payment received.

PACKAGING: Packaging and shipping will depend on sizing and weight of items. If selecting multiple items this will be the combined weight of a given group of items purchased, which may require additional packaging to avoid damage. If additional packaging will not help avoid problems in shipping, the item(s) may require separate shipping and cost. This will be reviewed and responded upon when receiving the order. We use clean recycled paper products in our packaging when possible.

WEIGHT: Should the shipping weight we show not be correctly given upon check-out, the purchaser will be contacted within a 24 hour period of any additional updated costs applied by the shipper.

SHIPPING: Your choice of 3 shipping options, please select at checkout. Packages weighing 13 ounces or less will be shipped by First Class Mail. Buyer to pay actual shipping cost only, we don’t charge handling fees and for most shipments Free Shipping Insurance and Tracking. All items will be carefully packaged to the extent necessary to ensure item(s) arrival, as was ordered. We do only ship to physical addresses, a P.O. Box will void and delay shipping till corrected. Our offer of combine shipping as with all shipments requires a zip code for adjusting costs. Please check to make sure the zip code given us upon purchase is also the one for physical location of delivery. There currently is a 2-3 days shipping delay upon receipt of payment.

INTERNATIONAL SHIPPING: Please note in compliance with customs laws; all items sold are declared at full purchase price. Import duties, taxes as with broker charges are not included in the item price or shipping charges. These charges are the buyer's responsibility. Please check with your Country's customs office to determine what these additional costs will be prior to purchase.

TERMS OF SALE: All sales are final. No returns unless product was grossly misrepresented due to listing error. Should a return be warranted the customer will be responsible for return shipping cost and a possible 15% restock fee. There will be no refund on previous shipping charges. So, review all included photos,* ask questions prior to purchasing and if needed request additional photos, in reason so to ensure confidence. Likely you have a default Magnifier and for 'MS OS' this is in the 'Ease of Access' of your operating system. Use of the magnifier greatly assists in the viewing of photos we post and is strongly advised, so to get the most information possible. Bottom line is keeping cost low in sales and handling. If upon receiving an item it’s been found to be damaged, you must return it to your local post office to file a claim.

ADDITIONAL INFO: We’re a non smoking group that prefers items that are not with the overburden of chemicals associated with such products. Items being sold once we acquire them are viewed, cleaned of recent smudges & dust if necessary, photographed and information recorded. They are then protected to ensure goods remain as described (avoiding fingerprints) and stored on commercial pallet shelving, in either climate or non-climate controlled environments, till purchased.

Finally, We are not experts on all listings, so we’re not responsible for any defects and or problems we haven't pointed out, either in description or in the listing's photos. We do strive for 100% customer satisfaction, so in the event that faults are found please contact us immediately in that we may rectify the situation.

Abbreviations in Sale Items: [Vtg = Vintage] | [Atq = Antique] | [~ = Approximate] | [NA = Not Applicable] | [‘s’=small] | [‘m’=medium] | [‘l’=large]

Note, we only use in our photos QR static barcodes which are not set with URL compression, so no quirky 3rd party link. Sure, it means more work for us, but also they’re the fastest matrix and most secure, regarding the privacy of the user in use of.

*Most all items shown in store are included with photos. These are to be found either at the top of the store's sale and to the left of their beginning description. They will be, when possible, to a maximum dimension that will allow increasing magnification, this when touched by your mouse’s cursor. Though with the store set currently closed many will be in an updating period.


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