'Sea Dive' 30lbs Soft Adjustable Weight Belt, Universal Size

• 'Sea Dive' 30lbs Adjustable Soft Weight Belt -Universal- by St. Claire, S&H Belt Buckle, USA Vtg
• 'Sea Dive' 30lbs Adjustable Soft Weight Belt -Universal- by St. Claire, S&H Belt Buckle, USA Vtg
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• 'Sea Dive' 30lbs Adjustable Soft Weight Belt -Universal- by St. Claire, S&H Belt Buckle, USA Vtg
Sea Dive Soft Weight Belt in navy blue (St. Claire Co., Tiburon) with black nylon plastic Belt Buckle (S&H Tool & Die Co., San Diego) plus same colored, heavy-duty belt straps and their coinciding slide locks. Both are labeled, 'Made in California, USA,' companies possibly now defunct.

Yet what they created is still in perfect working order as when original sold and not cheaply made either.


Weight belt is interlocked by a strong heavy stitch and is 2 separate, 15 lbs, 3 pouched bags that are joined as further described.

They have two, 2.0 inch belt straps located on either end of the 15 lb bags. Both bags connect together and are adjustable by use of two, 2-3/8 inch nylon slide locks. These compliment the attached ends of the straps and hold together the weight belt as one single 30 pounder.

At the opposite ends of the now connected bags are set to either a single 2.0 inch belt strap, or an affixed nylon belt buckle.

The sturdy belt buckle is stationary and locks upon the belt strap, giving an additional adjusting length at the front of the diver.

Overall adjustment for a varying waist size is universal and follows the weight use of 30lbs set for the belt.

For adding and removing of the weight shot from the 6 separated bag pouches, each has been given to a center point at their bottom (or top) where a 1 inch unstitched entry points was formed. This entry has been set with a tough Velcro that allows for ease of use, while also being secure.

Remember, never underweight a dive!


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Condition: Very Good! Just like those new ones yet pre-owned and of vintage. Up very close it does show light and limited blemishes to the blue color in 2 of the ‘inner worn’ fabric pouch panels at either ends. Likely due to previous use and from the submersion of the lead shot. This would be normal and possible could be rubbed out if wanting a brand new appearance. Though it wouldn’t be seen when worn since they reside on the inner side, where contact with a dive suit is made at the front hips. The original nylon hardware shows no scratch marks. Fabric and belts threading are similar, with no visible fraying of the threads, very much like when new. Basically a little used weight belt ... inspected by a 5x magnifier and lightly cleaned.

Country: USA

Size: Universal, contact us if having a question about sizing.

Weight: With Buckle 15.8 lbs & w/out Buckle 15.2 lbs | ~ Ship (31.5lbs) - Ship weight for this sale is an approximation till revised at time of purchase. For which a total 'of all items' and their weights being shipped will be known, should this be required.

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