Figurine / Figure List

*Figurines Bronze Sitting Bulldog Sculpture Figure, #87611-C, ~H:4x5x4" 2lbs Vtg
Black Panther On Mounted Base, Resin Cast ~H:4x10" 1lb Vtg
Cast Iron Nesting Birds Sculptures, Solid & Stout 1960s Vtg
Large Ironwood Howling Coyote, Hand Carved ~H:7x3" Vtg
Dahl Jensen Style Bronze Scottie (Skotsk) Terrier Figurine Vtg
Brass Galloping Carousal Horse Figurine Adorn Long Handle Bell, H:6.5" Vtg
3 Brass Waterfowl (2 Geese & Duck) Figurines ~H:2x3 Vtg
EZRA Brooks Decanter #185 Mudville Casey at Bat ~H:15" Vtg
Owls Nesting by WE - Wolf Original Handmade Sculptures of Canada Vtg
Dalmatian (2) Sitting Ceramic Figurines Hand Painted, Signed M. Schnabel ~H:7x6" Vtg
Dalmatian Resting Ceramic Hand Painted Figure, Signed M. Schnabel ~H:4x5" Vtg
Dalmatian (male) Sitting Ceramic Figure Signed ~H:12x11" 2lbs Vtg
Avon's Handcrafted Porcelain Duck Box Organizer ~H:4x8" 1978 Vtg
Sitting Pixie Elf Porcelain Figurine, Made in Japan, 1900s-40s, pre-occupied & pre-label?
Sea Lion with Pup Resin Cast Sculpture, Boma Canada ~H:4x5" 1lb Vtg
Brass Swimming Dolphins Sculpture Statuette, Large ~H:13x12" Vtg
Castagna Rottweiler Pup, Poly Resin Sculpture, Made in Italy, 1994 ~H:9x7" 2.8lbs
Brown Bear Resting, Sandicast Style Porcelain/Stone & Resin Figurine ~H:4x8" Vtg
Brass Ducks (3 sizes) Etched Wings & Embodied in Silver Anodized Finish ~L:8x2 Vtg
Brass Monkey Facing the Looking Glass ~H:2x4 Vtg
Sandicast Cocker Spaniel Pup Sculpture, Hand Cast, Painted, USA, early 1980s ~H:3x10" 3.5lbs
Carved Ironwood Eagle perched upon a Saguaro Cacti ~H:13x7 3lbs Vtg
Ironwood 2 Howling Wolf/ Coyote Figures Standing ~H:8x7 3lbs Vtg
Ceramic Playing Schnauzers ~H:5x7" Vtg
Bird Figurine of Carved Ironwood, Small ~H:6x2" Vtg
Sandicast Hand Cast & Painted White Poodle in Lay Position S.BRUE #141 1986 ~H:7x10"
Roaring Laying Lion Pewter Miniature Stamped, ~H:1.5x3" Vtg
Dachshund Sitting Sculpture, Natural Brown Nutshell-Resin Cast, Red Mill USA ~H:4x7" 1lb Vtg
Sitting Teddy Bear Sculpture, Natural Brown Nutshell-Resin Cast, Red Mill USA ~H:6x6" 2lbs Vtg
Statuette - Woman/ Marilyn M. Bronze Vtg
Brass Penguin Sculpture, Large ~H:11x8" 3lbs Vtg
Hand Painted Porcelain Elephant, Small - Japan
Brass 3 (1 on base & 2 free standing) Long Legged Egret Wader Shorebirds, Unique!
Bronze Sculptured Retriever Bird Dog Holding Bird ~H:5x5"
EZRA Brooks Fire Truck Brigade Porcelain Decanter, Heritage China, R.H-26 1971 ~H:7x12"
 Rhodesian Ridgeback Dog Sandicast #376 Large L:10.5in  USA
Resting Rhodesian Ridgeback Dog Sandicast #376 Large L:10.5in USA