Metal List

*Of Metal Metal Art - Heron/ Crane 2-Brass with Black Enamel Statuettes Vtg
Cast Iron Cobbler Boot Stand H:23" with 2 Shoe Form Plates Atq
Brass Heavy Walled Vases, (1)Round 6.5" & (1)Square 4.0" Styles Offered Vtg
Brass Oval Mirror with Shelf Tray & 3 Slidable Hooks, Wall Mounted H:_" Vtg
Metal Art - Brass Model A Sedan Car, Heavy ~H:3x6" Vtg
Milk Can Tote Mushroom Lid (S.S.) Can-Buhl-Ohio, Penn-Michigan, H:20" 20Qt Vtg
Metal Art - Motorcycle Model of Solid Cast Aluminum Vtg
Brass Cigar Ash/ Jewelry Tray with Floral Leaf Design, Signed Vtg
Horse Shoes 2- Official Diamond Drop Forged Double Ringer 2.5lbs ea, Duluth USA Vtg
Horse Shoes 2-Drop Forged Pitching Shoes, USA Vtg
Brass Pair of Nuzzling Giraffes; Mother w/ Calf - Solid & Stout ~H:9x9" & H:5" Vtg
Trinket Box - Silver Metal w/ Porcelain Finial Lid Vtg
Bell - Brass Eagle Topped Black Cast Iron Bell, Large ~H:7x4" 1.3lbs Vtg
Bell - Montana Eagle Perched Solid Brass Bell ~H:4x2" Vtg
Bell - Montana Grizzly Bear Standing Solid Brass Bell ~H:3x2" Vtg
Enesco Brass Sitting Antlered Deer ~H:7x5 1.3lbs Vtg
Silver Plated Small Flared Colonial Spittoon/ Vase, Spain ~H:3" Vtg
Sterling Silver Dish with Cat Figurine Ring Holder
Brass Pair of 2-Swans, Small Vtg
Brass Swan H:8.75" x 5.5" Vtg
Bell - Stout Brass Federal Eagle, US Army Cavalry Eagle, Olive Branch Sunburst & Stars ~3" Vtg
Rustic Moose Door Knocker, Cast Iron ~H:7x7" Vtg
Brass Nautilus Sea Shell, Large H:5x7" 3.5lbs Vtg
Silver Swan Dish P.N.S
Brass Vase & Handle Pitcher of Patina Emerald Green Interspersed in Brass ~H:11x5" Vtg
Bell - Brass Elephant Trumpeting Handle Bell ~H:6x3" Vtg
Brass Owl Wings Held Wide Sculpture, Art Tray, Cigar/ Cigarette Holder ~H:3x4" Vtg