Langdon Acme Miter Box No. 74C & Henry Disston & Sons 33" Saw

• Langdon Acme Miter Box 74C Miller Falls & Henry Disston Saw 33"(26") 11-TPI, USA 30lbs Vtg/Atq
• Langdon Acme Miter Box 74C Miller Falls & Henry Disston Saw 33"(26") 11-TPI, USA 30lbs Vtg/Atq
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Product Description

• Langdon Acme Miter Box 74C Miller Falls & Henry Disston Saw 33"(26") 11-TPI, USA 30lbs Vtg/Atq
Overall ready to use Miter Box with Saw that gives grand heritage to tool making excellence from the USA.

Miter Box - Langdon Acme Miter Box No. 74C Miller Falls CO. Greenfield, Mass

Saw - Cast Steel (Henry Disston & Sons) Philad’a, USA Warranted, 11-TPI.

Age is the only wear this Miter Box has contended with, having been used correctly as intended over the decades since made. The Henry Disston & Sons Saw carries a sharp cutting edge, likely similar to when originally placed into service. The Apple Wood Handle retains some of its original clear coat finish, which has become embrittled with expected loss.


Added Offer and set as default for this Store Sale**

-Includes a Warranted Superior Miter Saw, item's ID# ending in #7040 and a Warranted 'Jackson' Superior Miter Saw, item's ID# ending in #7045, both located in the store's Vtg/Atq - Tools. Please See "Warranted Superior Miter Saw 29" (23") 11-TPI, 3lbs Vtg" and "Warranted 'Jackson' Superior Miter Saw L:19" (14") 12-TPI, 1.5lbs Atq".


Product Quantity: Only 1 set in stock. Set includes Miter Box and 1 Henry Disston Saw with 'default' offer of 2 additional saws.

Condition: Very Good! Light surface scale in limited spots. Oxidation is sparse having formed a protective coating in areas where it resides. No observed pitting or detrimental surface etching indicated. Most all bearing surfaces appear as would be when originally sold. Brass Buffer Guards in guides for saw placement display adequate limits, which would allow ready use of the Miter Box. All Turn Set Screws show proper and original washer/ spacer combinations, other threaded retainers allow for turning. Some slot heads show tool wear, burring. Springs, where positioned have proper tensions. Friction Locks for Front and Rear Guide adjustment work as expected. The angle adjustment control operates smoothly and locks steadfast. Original label has one edge damaged, likely due to area of placement where handling occurs.

Depending on next owner's ability, should allow for the Miter Box to be restored to a near original appearance with cleaning, updating hardware, plating, and refinished paint colors in an anticipated restoration, if desired. Having personally restored similar aged equipment this one is a good candidate.

Miter Box and Saw have been given to a light coating of oil with a grease preservative (saw's apple wood handle waxed wiped) brushed with a non-metallic bristles (incl. compressed air) than wiped. It ensures integrity and stability to current aging prior to sale. Photos may not reflect this light oiling and cleaning. Please see photos, request if needed.

Country: USA

Size: approx. Miter Box - H: 8.0" (sliding guides removed) x L: 21.5" x Depth: 11.5" <-> Saw - H: 7.5" overall (6.0" saw blade) x L: 33.0" (25.5" cutting surface) x W: 1.0", 0.25" for band at top of blade.

Weight: Miter Box - 26 lbs 2.0 oz <-> Saw - 3 lbs 13.0 oz | ~ Ship (36.5.lbs) - Ship weight for this sale is an approximation till revised at time of purchase. For which a total 'of all items' and their weights being shipped will be known, should this be required.


**The saws included with the offer overall weight will be approx. 43.0 lbs. This Store reserves the rights to retract and or limit this offer should either one or both "Warranted Superior Miter Saw" and or "Warranted 'Jackson' Superior Miter Saw" be sold prior to this sale.

Should the buyer not want this additional default offer, or portions of, a request emailed by use of the above, ‘Contact Us’ stating: #7040 decline and or #7045 decline.

If the purchaser declines "both saws" this sale will be adjusted as follows: Langdon Acme Miter Box No. 74C and Henry Disston Saw 33"(26") - total $142.00 ~ Ship (36.5.lbs) any overcharges if applied will be adjusted and promptly reimbursed back to purchaser.


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