Navajo 'Diné' Weaved Basket

• Navajo 'Diné' Weaved Medicine Basket ~D:11x3"
• Navajo 'Diné' Weaved Medicine Basket ~D:11x3"
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• Navajo 'Diné' Weaved Medicine Basket ~D:11x3"
Navajo (Medicine/Wedding) Ceremonial Basket from the four corner region of Arizona.

Hand woven Basket by local tribal artist at the beginning of 2000, in the northeastern corner region of Arizona and north of the Carrizo Mountains. Expect some aging in color from current photo due to nearly 15 plus years since taken. Limited information on purchase may be supplied at time of sale and upon request, artist unknown. Updating info including photos


Center: 'Earth,' 'Mother Earth,' 'The Center of the World, ‘or 'The Place of Emergence'

Symbolizes the Beginning of Life

Terraced Motif: Clouds or Mountains

Sacred Mountain Peaks or Direction *6*

Number of Yeis or Holy People *12*

---12 Songs / 12 Months---

Red Bands: Represents Mother Earth, Sun Rays or Rainbows.

Fiber used by the Navajo artist for the baskets is Sumac and ages with time, becoming richer & darker if left to breathe.

Please note: In properly displaying the basket place the opening that descends towards the center to the top.


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Condition: New retail old stock; intended for resale and kept in a protected smoke free environment. Having never been openly displayed other than for retail store use, as with photos. Before our acquisition its prior history likely was one of having been made by an artist living in the four corners region and upon tribal land, being soon traded through the tribal store in Teec Nos Pas, AZ.

Country: USA

Size: Dia: 10.5" x Depth: 3.0"

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