Oak Desk Arm Chair, Adj. Swivel with Casters

• Oak Desk Arm Chair Adj. Swivel with Casters USA 1940s
• Oak Desk Arm Chair Adj. Swivel with Casters USA 1940s
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• Oak Desk Arm Chair Adj. Swivel with Casters USA 1940s
The style so classic a banker and librarian would love. From the 1940s this banker/library Swivel Oak Arm Chair gives a hint to having been cared for over time. Having likely been stored it shows its beauty in condition with minor wear.

There also is (not included) a Oak birds eye Center Drop Leaf Desk, too from the 1940’s that this chair would go perfect with and also is in need of repair work. The Desk has yet to be entered into the store…

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Condition: Good, has one leg (there are 4 separately detachable legs) that had split lengthwise from top to bottom and re-glued over it history. The past fix could be set correctly by the right craftsman. The caster for this leg (which needs to be doweled and re-drilled) has been replaced with a newer non-USA caster. Which is unable to retain the casters shaft till fixed. The original ‘Master’ casters (stamped USA) has occurred some chips to the cold cast resin wheels.

Otherwise the Oak Office Chair is in very good condition as when sold originally, but nearly 80 years old and being sold as-is, see Photos.

Country: USA


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