Art Depot List

.Folk Art
.Graphic Art
.Painting / Print
.Studio Art
• Large Ceramic Bear with Caught Salmon, Signed by Artist 'V. Miller' ~H:9x13" 1974 Vtg
• Viking 3 Toed Trefoil Pedestal Swung Green Vase ~H:26x4" Vtg
• Print 'Gentle Breeze' by Michael Booth, Certified as Authentic #1/1000 Signed
• TS O-Brite Sterling Silver Scalloped Rimmed Trumpet Vase Atq
• Wood Sculpture of Asian Man Kneeling Holding Tabletop (glass not included) ~H:20x18" Vtg
• Italian Hand Painted Decorative Handle Art Pottery Bowl, Signed 'Cellini' ~H:3x9" Vtg
• MAGGIฎ Sockeye Salmon Clay Pottery Wall Art ~H:5x14" - Uncommon Vtg
• Scottie Dogs-1920s Metal Art by Vindex Parent Co., National Sewing Co. H:6x9" 3.5lbs Vtg
• Bronze Handmade Bowl by Craftsman Co. #890, Anvil & Hammer Insignia H:3x10" 1900s
• Bronze Patinated Tiger by K&O Metal Novelties Co.( 1895 to 1939) ~H:9x14" 5lbs Vtg
• Ponytailed Girl Feeding Horse Statue, Stone Composite in Bronze, Austin Inc. 1980 ~H:9x8" Vtg
• Abstract Family of 3 Art Sculpture ~H:19x7", '80s Vtg
• Black on Black 2 --Black Sable-- Bud/ Pot Vases ~H:8x5" 1980s Vtg
• Climbing Bears Pottery Pot - ฉ 2002 Telle M. Stein ~H:8x9" 3lbs
• Handmade Pottery/Stoneware Embossed Skier’s Mug, Signed ฉ 1975 NA Eastman ~H:5x4" Vtg
• Handcrafted Beetle Kill Pinewood Semi-Truck Multi-Storage Trinket Box, Idaho Art ~H:7x12"
• Boys (2) & Girl Ceramic Musicians Figurines, Accordion, Guitar & Bass - Int. 'MW' 1952 H:9x7"
• Tricycles - Miniature Folk Art of Metal & Wood, 1 Stout Large & 1 Small ~H:16x18" 13lbs Vtg
• African Elephant Head Wooden Bowl Stand Deco Art, H:14.5" Vtg
• Motor Wall Art, 3 Ceramic Plaster Casts - Corvette, Roadster & Sports Bike, Sign ~H:7x14" 1993
• Men's Dark Walnut & Light Birdseye Maple Valet Box ~H:3x10x7" 2lbs Vtg
• Primitive Small Oak Burl Wood Foot Crotch Stool/ Side Table/ Plant Stand ~H:12x15” Vtg
• Saddled Horseman Statue; Metal & Stone Mix in Bronze, Austin Prod. 1972 ~H:16x15" 15lbs Vtg
• Wall Art - 15th Century Steeple Hat Woman Carved in Ancient Cedar Driftwood H:20x3" Vtg
• Tree Section Carving of 2 Monkeys Standing Upon One Another, Vtg
• Deer Horn Mounted on Tree Section, Rustic Folk Art ~H:7x6" Vtg
• Idaho Red Cedar Burl Wood Legged Centerpiece Bowl, Signed St. Maries 1975 ~H:6x16" 6lbs
• Handmade Wooden Brunswood Doll "Maurice" Limited Edition H:23.0" Vtg
• 'Jackleg' by Gary Prazen - A Bronze Sculpture of Miner w/ Drill 376/400 '87 ~H:13" 5lbs
• Galloping Giraffe Bronze Sculpture set upon a Sculpted Bronze Molded Base ~H:14x15" 5lbs
• Stag, Doe & Fawn at Rest Sculpts, Hand-Painted - Universal Statuary 1984 #343/4 ~H:15” 12lbs
• Pottery Hurricane Oil Lamps, Tooled Potter's Wheel Pottery, Signed 1977-'78 ~H:22x8"
• Ironwood Fishtail Lidded Box ~H:5x5" 2lbs Vtg
• Viking 3 Leg Swung Amethyst Glass Vase, USA - Mid 1900s ~H:9x4" 1lb Vtg
• Bronze Flared Rim Vase, Applied Relief of Long Tailed Pheasant on Branch ~H:9x3” Atq/Vtg
• Retro Swung Ruffled Edge Clear Glass 8 Footed Lobed Column Vase ~H:12x8" 3lbs
• Asian Woman Sitting, Free Form Wooden Sculpture ~H:11x6” Vtg
• Torero Bullfighter - Matador & Bull Mounted, Chrome Plated Bronze Sculpture ~H5x6" 3lbs Vtg
• Hand Carved Wooden Monkeys 'The 3 Evils' -"Hear No, Speak No Evil" Large ~H:10x5" 2lbs Vtg
• Murano Artisan Blown Large Glass Shark Sculpture Sommerso Style ~H:12x7" 4lbs Vtg
• Solid 3 Blown Bubble Glass Spherical Orbs of Translucent Gold, Dia. 3.25”/4.25”/5” 13lbs Vtg
• Silver Plated Articulated Metal Fish w/ Mother of Pearl Eyes ~H:8x3" Vtg
• Cast Iron Bowing Golden Monkey Holding Palm Leaf Dish, Large Stout ~H:3x11x6" Vtg
• Hand Carved Wood Loon with Resting Chick on Back, "Canadian Wildlife" ~H:5x11" Vtg
• Three Wise Monkeys; See, Hear, and Speak No Evil - Bronze Sculptures set to Base ~H:4x7" 3lbs
• Pottery Centerpiece Bowl/ Vertical Mount, by Artist Bob Neher '05 USA - Giant ~D:22x5" 15lbs
• Oil Painting - "A Beach Stroll Woman & Child" Signed 'RA'(?) ~W:24x36"
• Ceramic Longhorn Steer Skull, Signed (2nd incl. as-is) ~H:3x5" Vtg 1964
• Pair of Handmade Glazed Pottery Butterflies (incremented) Signed, USA ~L:13x19" 8lbs Vtg
• Ancient Waterfowl Sculpture - Alva Studios Museum Replicas, Inc. ~H:10x9" 4lbs Vtg
• Haeger Panther White Pottery Sitting Big Cat Sculpture, USA Large ~H:21x10" 10lbs
• Art Nouveau Bronze 'The Dog & Cat' Sculptured Victorian Lamp ~H:16x9" 10lbs Vtg
• Art Deco Frosted Blue Glass Skyscraper Reclining Angel Harp Table Lamps Boudoir ~H:12x6"