Collectible Depot List

Fireman Holding Child 'We The People - Safe and Secure' 2001 ~H:9x5"
Die-cast Texaco 1930 Travel Air Model R Mystery Ship, Ertl Co. 1997 (nos) Vtg
Die-cast Texaco 1940 Grumman Goose, Ertl Co. 1996 (nos) Vtg
3 Bronze Elephants Lifting 5" (127mm) Banded Onyx Sphere ~H:9" 9lbs Vtg
Cashman Caterpillar Logo 75 Years Brass Paper Weight W&L:4"
Die-cast Harley Davison Lockheed Vega 5B Highwing, 1994 (nos) Vtg
Die-cast Trust Worthy 1929 Travel Air 1st Edition - 1995 (nos) Vtg
Bronze Sitting Bulldog Sculpture Figure, #87611-C, ~H:4x5x4" 2lbs Vtg
Pine Box with Lid set in Deer Antlers and Pine Cones Flora ~3x4"
Die-cast Hamm's 1934 Stearman Bi-Plane - 1993 (nos) Vtg
Die-cast Hamm's 1929 Travel Air 1st in Series 1992 (nos) Vtg
Black Panther On Mounted Base, Resin Cast ~H:4x10" 1lb Vtg
Cast Iron Nesting Birds Sculptures, Solid & Stout 1960s Vtg
Die-cast Texaco 1935 Spartan Executive Special Edition Custom Chrome Finish (nos) 2006
Die-cast Wings of Texaco 'The Duck' Keystone-Loeing Commuter (nos) 2000
Copper Perpetual Sliding Desk Calendar with Native American Scene, H:2x5" Vtg
Charles A. Lindbergh International Aerospace Hall of Fame Button Vtg
Die-cast Texaco 1931 Stearman Biplane, Ertl Co. Collector Edition #0805, 1995 (nos) Vtg
Die-cast Sinclair Lockheed Vega 5B 2nd in series 1992 (nos) vtg
Mini Wood Slat Cast Iron Park Bench for Dolls/ Bears or... Large & Solid Built ~H:11x16"
Ruffians Feast 1999 Tile Carving of Various Home Critters, Retired & Stout ~7x7 Vtg
Die-cast Wings of Texaco 1932 Northrop Gamma, 1994 (nos) Vtg
Die-cast Coast to Coast 1929 Lockheed 'Air Express,' 1995 (nos) Vtg
Glass Enclosed Hand Blown Glass Gilded Angel w/ Multiple Color LED Display H:3.5xD:2.0"
Keepsake Box - Black Wood & White Porcelain - English Harbor Antiqua
1977 Chilmark Pewter "Mallard Duck & Ducklings" By Robert Davis Limited Ed. #1947
Die-cast Texaco 1939 Beechcraft D17S Staggerwing (nos) 2004
Brass Swan Dishes (2) ~H:3x6" Vtg
Large Ironwood Howling Coyote, Hand Carved ~H:7x3" Vtg
Dahl Jensen Style Bronze Scottie (Skotsk) Terrier Figurine Vtg
Scottie Dogs-1920s Metal Art by Vindex Parent Co., National Sewing Co. H:6x9" 3.5lbs Vtg
Brass Galloping Carousal Horse Figurine Adorn Long Handle Bell, H:6.5" Vtg
Solid Brass Belt Buckle with California Cougar by Heritage Mint #FL2360 ~L:3x2 1978
Brass 3D Cut Patina Chinese Dragon Belt Buckle ~W:4x3.5 Vtg
Hand Tied Dry Fly Fishing Hook Lure (L:1.25") in Clear Square Block Resin Display, L:2.75" Vtg
Golf Metal Art; Golfer with Hat Bending in Sand Trap, Ashtray/Other ~H:3x5 Vtg
3 Brass Waterfowl (2 Geese & Duck) Figurines ~H:2x3 Vtg
Capodimonte Style Porcelain Handle Fruit Basket Sculpture, Small yet Weighty H:3.5x3.5" Vtg
Green Depression Glass Divided Dish w/ Silver Metal Cover & Finial Knob Lid ~D:8.0" Vtg
Porcelain Musical Carousel Horse on Oak Base by Tobin Fraley, Sign & # - H:12.5" Vtg
EZRA Brooks Decanter #185 Mudville Casey at Bat ~H:15" Vtg
Tricycles - Miniature Folk Art of Metal & Wood, 1 Stout Large & 1 Small ~H:16x18" 13lbs Vtg
Palm Tree Stout Black Brass Hurricane Candle Stand w/ Large Glass Globe H:18" 4.5lbs Vtg
Owls Nesting by WE - Wolf Original Handmade Sculptures of Canada Vtg
Miniature Schnauzers Collection - C. Nick's, 'Father's Pride,' a Limited Edition Plate - Dia:8.25"
Hibel Studio 1st-'Leah's Family' & 2nd-'Kaylin' of the Series "The World I Love" Framed '80s Vtg
Seagull Figurine Upon Large Burl Wood Primitive Base ~H:5x7"
Large Plaster Cast Howling Coyote Sitting Statue
Ceramic Napping Cat Shelf Sitter, Hand Painted, Large ~H:6x8"
Dalmatian (2) Sitting Ceramic Figurines Hand Painted, Signed M. Schnabel ~H:7x6" Vtg
Dalmatian Resting Ceramic Hand Painted Figure, Signed M. Schnabel ~H:4x5" Vtg
Dalmatian (male) Sitting Ceramic Figure Signed ~H:12x11" 2lbs Vtg
Unicorn Figurine Solid Pewter Yorkshire Design Trinket Box, 1980 Vtg
Divided Clear Glass Lidded Dish: Wooden Lid Cover (finial handle) & Base, Vtg
Avon's Handcrafted Porcelain Duck Box Organizer ~H:4x8" 1978 Vtg
Sitting Pixie Elf Porcelain Figurine, Made in Japan, 1900s-40s, pre-occupied & pre-label?
Sea Lion with Pup Resin Cast Sculpture, Boma Canada ~H:4x5" 1lb Vtg
Goebel Grape Embossed Design Clear Glass Barrel Jar w/ Wood Lid & Glass Grape Finial Vtg
Brass Swimming Dolphins Sculpture Statuette, Large ~H:13x12" Vtg
Porcelain Smallmouth Bass Fish Statue on Wooden Tray Vtg
Hand Sculpted & Painted Wood Duck ~H:6x9"
Boys (2) & Girl Ceramic Musicians Figurines, Accordion, Guitar & Bass - Int. 'MW' 1952 H:9x7"
Hudson Fine Pewter Flying Ducks on Wooden Base, Signed 'JdeL' 1981, USA ~H:4x5"
Brass 3 Perched Owls on Tree Limbs, Quaint Solid Paperweight, 2 Figurines H:2x2.25" 14oz Vtg
Castagna Rottweiler Pup, Poly Resin Sculpture, Made in Italy, 1994 ~H:9x7" 2.8lbs
Brown Bear Resting, Sandicast Style Porcelain/Stone & Resin Figurine ~H:4x8" Vtg
Cast Iron Cannon, Spoke Metal Wheels, Eyed Hitch, Penn Craft #186, USA ~H:4x9" Vtg
Ancient White Coral on Glass Display Stand ~H:7x10x5", 4lbs - Vtg
Brass Ducks (3 sizes) Etched Wings & Embodied in Silver Anodized Finish ~L:8x2 Vtg
Stein Mug, Hanle & Debler Pewter ATC, ~H:5, Inscribed: Rainier Mug Club Mike C. 1963
Montana Dream Catcher - 13.0" overall Vtg
White Ceramic Cat Figurines Hanging Shelf Sitters, Set of 2, ~L:7x4"
Brass Duck Holding Umbrella on Wood Base w/ Brass Logo Plaque Display ~H:6x5 Vtg
Brass Monkey Facing the Looking Glass ~H:2x4 Vtg
Sandicast Cocker Spaniel Pup Sculpture, Hand Cast, Painted, USA, early 1980s ~H:3x10" 3.5lbs
Carved Ironwood Eagle perched upon a Saguaro Cacti ~H:13x7 3lbs Vtg
Ironwood 2 Howling Wolf/ Coyote Figures Standing ~H:8x7 3lbs Vtg
Wicker Miniature Chaise Lounge, White & Large ~H:15x18" 1.5lbs Vtg
Art Glass Turtle, Clear to Blue w/ Gold Speckles, Paperweight Stout ~H:4x7 4lbs
Theatre Brass Wall Mask, India ~H:6x4" Vtg
Sitting Brass Cat Figure ~H:7x3" Vtg
Brass Enameled Apple & Pear Vtg
Ceramic Playing Schnauzers ~H:5x7" Vtg
Playboy Embossed, Stout Metal Alloy Horn of Plenty Cornucopia Mug H:5x5 1lb Vtg
Bird Figurine of Carved Ironwood, Small ~H:6x2" Vtg
Sandicast Hand Cast & Painted White Poodle in Lay Position S.BRUE #141 1986 ~H:7x10"
Roaring Laying Lion Pewter Miniature Stamped, ~H:1.5x3" Vtg
Dachshund Sitting Sculpture, Natural Brown Nutshell-Resin Cast, Red Mill USA ~H:4x7" 1lb Vtg
Sitting Teddy Bear Sculpture, Natural Brown Nutshell-Resin Cast, Red Mill USA ~H:6x6" 2lbs Vtg
Statuette - Woman/ Marilyn M. Bronze Vtg
Brass Roadrunner, Large ~H:4x8" Vtg
Brass Mix Roadrunner Utah State Souvenir ~H:2x5" 1981
Heisey Crystolite Art Deco Glass Bowl/ Dish with Nickel Plate Cover & Finial Glass Flower Vtg
Rubber Band Gun
Leather Tack Bridle Crownpiece Section Diamond Imprinted
Clear Glass Paperweight with Display Window
Russian Hand Crafted Glass Frog Figurine (L)(nos)
Russian Hand Crafted Glass Frog Figurine (s)(nos)
Russian Hand Crafted Glass Spider Figurine (L)(nos)
Black Bear Bank or Moose Bank Offered (nos)
Wood Rocking Horse (child size) Primitive Hand Carved & Painted ~H:42x47"
Brass Penguin Sculpture, Large ~H:11x8" 3lbs Vtg
Hand Painted Porcelain Elephant, Small - Japan
Brass 3 (1 on base & 2 free standing) Long Legged Egret Wader Shorebirds, Unique!
Bronze Sculptured Retriever Bird Dog Holding Bird ~H:5x5"
EZRA Brooks Fire Truck Brigade Porcelain Decanter, Heritage China, R.H-26 1971 ~H:7x12"
Tricycle Built Solid of Metal w/ Wood Seat & Handles ~H:10x12" 2lbs Vtg
Metal Wire & Glass Beaded Bicycle Art Sculpture, Small H5x7"
Hemingray-20, 29-42 USA Glass Electrical Insulator, w/ Threaded Wood Support Dowel Vtg
Rhodesian Ridgeback Dog Sandicast #376 Large L:10.5in USA